eBay selling tips!

So, I like to sell on eBay. Kind of. The app on Apple devices makes it pretty easy and straightforward to do, skipping merrily through steps to make sure you don’t miss a trick. Is the item used? new? damaged? eBay auto picks categories depending on your description, and does a lot of work for you. But sometimes your stuff doesn’t sell, no matter how accurately you use the auto fill options! Here are some tips I use, to make the item more “sellable”(?) did I just make that up?


Nope, I don’t mean style a whole outfit (although props to you if you do, I’ve done it once or twice and *yawn*). Keep to hand some accessories to make listing your product a bit more organised. I keep a pen and paper handy, to write down brand, damage, size etc. I also keep a tape measure near by, and take any measurements on mainly items like bags, its surprising how often people message and ask for dimensions of some items. It is especially handy to have when selling vintage clothes, a 70’s pair of size 14 pants, are very rarely a modern day size 14. Adding details like this to your listing cuts down on people messaging you for specifics, when you’re not in seller mode.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset


Especially for fussy items, or printed fabrics, I prefer to photograph items on a neutral plain background. This ensures that the item is the main focus of your photograph, and can be seen in all its glory. Be careful not to use a background colour too similar to the item you wish to photograph or it can blend in and be “lost”.



If possible, get a hold of a body to photograph your clothing on. It doesn’t have to be a human one, I use Lily, my plastic body on a hanger! Sometimes, my clothes don’t fit quite right to Lily, this is where the pegs come in. I will peg the back to make the item tighter or better fitting, or I will use a peg to pull a sleeve out to one side to better show it off.



  • iron your items – they photograph nicer
  • use your words – don’t be afraid to say too much especially in the title, size, brand, print and colours especially.
  • be honest – where possible photograph and describe any faults
  • sell the dream – nothing wrong with describing the item in a way you would style it, this makes people think
  • edit your pictures – not a valencia filter, straighten and crop, it makes all the difference
  • hangers – if you haven’t got a body, use a hanger, this looks so much better than a single item flatlay IMO
  • options – I usually list two postage options
  • nudge nudge – I finish my listings with the same post, a short thanks, and a point in the direction of my other items.

Thanks for reading, please share your tips too! x0x0 Swish




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