Birthday Haul!

So this by no means a bragging post, I just thought I’d share with you, items I was fortunate enough to receive for my birthday last week!

Some fab new straighteners! My others were over ten years old, and these new GHDS were much appreciated! Especially because they switch themselves off after half an hour without use! These came with a heat protectant sleeve and bag.

The stripy item at the front is a lovely sleeveless crew neck swing dress from New Look 😍, the stud shoes are from Primark, after my mum seen Victoria inthefrow wearing a similar designer pair, she knew I would love these.

I love the sparkly rose gold ring on the right, that is also from New Look from my auntie and uncle.

I received from my mother in law, the lovely vitamin E products from Superdug, I told her about my love for the range a long time go, and she remembered!

I also got some lovely Simple and Nivea skincare, all this will go in my “spares” box, where I like to keep extra face wipes, skin care products, and bath goods.

I really love the perfume I received, “Love Story” by Chloë. I hadn’t smelt it until my birthday, my boyfriend picked it for me, and I have to say, he has never bought me one dodgy smelling perfume ever. *high 5*

TOPSHOP VOUCHER 😍 yes please! Topshop haul to come, I’ve already spent the voucher online, which I absolutely love that that is an option now with store bought vouchers, so here’s yo waiting for the parcel to arrive.
Thanks for looking, XO Swish XO





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