Topshop Haul

So if you seen my last post, I received a Topshop voucher for my birthday *yay*. Here I would like to share my purchases, as styled with other items I own.

I absolutely adore this sporty ensemble! As soon as I seen the Adidas shorts, I knew I had to have them, they’re just so me! Pink, satin, gold, floral, garish ✅✅✅✅✅ I had to have them. And of course, I had to find a top to match because they didn’t actually have a matching top, I picked this plain mint cotton t shirt to compliment. I’ve styled this with a Nike gym bag, and funky trainers courtesy of a market in Turkey.

I adore bags, so when I seen this fringe number from Skinny Dip London I went all heart eyes emoji on it! I probably paid a bit more for it because I had a gift card, I wouldn’t usually buy a bag that size and style for £30 (!!). But it’s so cute! It was described I think as grey, but it has a more blue tone to it almost pastel, so I’ve paired it with this necklace from Peacocks, and a New Look jumper vest I bought in a charity shop for £1.50. The trainers are ‘Melissa’, if you’re not familiar with this brand, they’re vegan/eco friendly rubber shoes, from trainers to flip flops, wedges to baby shoes they are just amazing. Excellent quality shoes all around, and they often do capsule collections with high end designers. Their website is, but certain styles are stocked in various shops too.

Please meet, the least photogenic top anyone has ever owned. Just to be clear, I ironed her, laid her flat and tweeked the edges, I nipped her here and there, I offered chocolate bribes, wine bribes – the lot. This top just was not playing ball. However she looks really nice on! I love a basic plain colour top, that has a style to it. I thought I can dress this up or down it would look great with jeans and trainers. This outfit consists of a H&M straw clutch bag, gorgeous drape necklace from Primark, and cleated sole chunky sandals, I bought last year from River Island.
Thanks for reading, xo Swish xo






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