I Carried a Watermelon

Several weeks ago, I registered my interest in attending a drive in screening of Dirty Dancing, hosted by radio station Smooth FM. I was like Chloë from Geordie Shore b-u-z-z-i-n-g BUZZIN’ when I received an email to say my registration was successful, and I could attend the event at Southport Pleasureland.

The email stated that the film started at 8.30, and that gates would open for parking at 4pm, so to arrive early. I wanted a good seat because Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite film (ask my family who carried the VHS around at the age of 4), so I got there about 4.20, where the crowds were gathering quite quickly! So, we parked up and set off to kill 4 hours in Southport!

 I took my boyfriend to the event, and we spent the time in Southport fair (nostalgia!), and then went to a lovely Chinese restuarant about a ten minute walk from Pleasureland. I took some pictures to share with you, but I wil quickly share my opinion on the event.

Well, I absolutely adored seeing the film on a drive in screen. I’ve never been to a cinema like that and cannot think of a better film to watch like that (Grease & The Bodyguard would be great though!). It was so easy to tune in to the frequency to hear the sound via our car radio. The sound was crisp, clear and had no interruptions which was great because – SOUNDTRACK TO DIRTY DANCING IS THE BEST. We had a warm welcome from Smooth staff, the complimentary car freshener was a really nice idea! Sadly, we missed out on the free popcorn, and four hours was a long time to spend between gates opening and the film starting. We ended up spending quite a lot of money, considering it was a nice touch that the screening was free. I do believe there may be more events of this kind in the future, so it would be great to see the gates opening a little later, so those who don’t want to spend all that time waiting, can still get the opportunity to have a good parking space.

Over all, I absolutely loved my day at the fair and cinema. I am a big kid at heart, and love the rides and the atmosphere at the fair , the smell of donuts and all the noises of the rides. It was so lovely to watch the film against the back drop of the sun setting, and the night sky appearing. I would most definitely register my interest in attending another event, and think you should keep a look out so you can too!





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