Nailed it! 

Sooooo I absolutely ADORE fake nails, mostly acrylic or gel. As long as they’re long, strong and fabulous I want them!  

 I’ve worn them on and off for donkeys years, but just recently I’ve worn them more than ever. In the last two years or so the longest I’ve been without falsies is about six weeks.

I like to give my natural nails a break now and again, so here is my routine!


  • Where possible, have your falsies professionally removed. The nail technician will usually soak them off, loosening the glue that adheres the nail to the falsey, causing less damage to your natural nail. You usually get a little pamper too, bringing your nails back to life.
  • If you absolutely can’t get your nails removed professionally try these tips for damage limitation.
  • File off any colour that’s on your nails, this prepares them for the next step. A bowl of hot water, placed under a bowl of acetone, will safely(!) warm it. Soak your nails in the warm acetone, and then file a layer of the false nail off. Alternate between soak/file and eventually you’ll get to a layer of false nail that will be easy to file/peel off your own nail. Whatever you do, don’t force the falsey off!
  • Your natural nails will usually be quite long but extremely weak, clip them short before they snap and peel!
  • Using a four way buffing block, treat each nail to a good going over on every step. You can find them in most beauty shops for a pound or less. Follow the numbers per step, remember only file the tip of the nail! You can do this once or twice a week.
  • Then massage an oil all over the nails, I use Sally Hansen Miracle Growth, or coconut oil.
  • Once your oil is soaked in, use a nail polish treatment such as Rimmel Stronger Nail Nail Nurse.
  • Repeat the oil step daily, apply a fresh coat of Nail Nurse (or your chosen treatment) every few days.
  • I can’t live without nail colour, but falseys leave nails with massively uneven texture. So I use a nude polish, such as Topshop Nice n Neutral, anything too bright will draw attention to the damage on your nails.

Thanks for stopping by, Swish x





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