Lush Life

So a few weeks ago, I answered to an instagram post from Lush Spa Liverpool, inviting local bloggers to attend an exclusive in store event. I couldn’t believe it when I received an email invitation! This was my first ever  “bloggers event” and I have to say it didn’t dissapoint. Before I begin I would like to say a massive thank you to the entire team of staff in store last night, to whole evening was so happy and relaxed, I’m so grateful I was able to attend.

Needless to say, after seeing this table being set whilst I was waiting outside, I was one of the first in store! Guys and dolls, I was in heaven. Greeted at the door with a glass of pimms and a goody bag all I could think was “yep this is who I am as a person”. Our goody bags contained a tonne of sample pots, that we were free to fill as we chose(!!), a gorgeous Halloween theme pumpkin bubble bar, a product catalogue and a spa treatment menu.

I was one of the first groups to have a look around the spa, I was so excited because relaxing is my party trick! As soon as I started heading up the stairs, the atmosphere begun to change into pure ambience, from the scents, to the candles, you could not say it was anything less than pure bliss. We were taken on a tour of the spa, and seen a therapist in action, I was ready to roll her client off the bed and hop on myself it looked soooo good! I have to say, the decor of the spa really made a difference, the theme was very homely, almost like a country cottage. A lovely therapist introduced us to a range of products that are used in the spa, and sold in store. Listening to her chatting away, and watching her demonstrating different massage techniques had me ready to drop at the table!

This is the “Full of Grace” facial serum bar, designed to lock in moisture. It can be used with other moisturisers as well, which is nice if you like a product but feel it might be lacking something. 
Following the spa tour, I headed on back to the store to see what else was going on. Firstly I was greeted by a lovely girl who gave me a tailored skin care consultation. She asked me all about my skin type, any problems and what I’d like to fix, if anything. We had a little chat and she recommended I try the Brazened Honey face mask, as it is both antiseptic and soothing. As soon as she said it is designed to “wake up your face” I knew I needed to try it, I looooove anything that can help me look like a glow worm.

A burst of laughter behind me made me spin around, into the presence of Matthew, another Lush advisor. Looking like a modern day Fabio, he had a huge group of us laughing away at his chit chat, about the facial cleansers and moisturisers. I happily walked away with two cleanser samples – the charcoal based (scary looking) Dark Angels, and the gentle beeswax and almond oil based Ultrabland. I also took a sample of Magical Moringa, an oil based moisturiser, that can double up as a primer #win. If you’re ever in store, seek him out with his luscious long blonde hair, and hearty laugh you can’t miss him. *hi Matthew!*

Before I hit the bath bombs, I had a little rub of this on the arl kisser, mmmmmmmm!

After watching a demo of the Halloween themed Monsters Ball bath bomb dissolving into a perfect swirl, I was able to make my very own lush product! A hell of a lot messier and more difficult than you imagine it to be, I walked away quite proud (and smelling of berries) with my very own bubble bar, comprised of ingredients found in The Comforter.

Thank you for having me Lush, I had a wonderful night! Please have a Christmas Party, I make cracking mince pies, promise I’ll bring some x Swish x





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