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This is Halloween…

Today’s post obvs is all about making the most of H-wizzle, just a bit of inspiration for decorations, food and what to do. Some of these photos are from the family vaults muahahaha!

Make a giant paper mache(?) pumpkin! This took weeks to make but was well worth the effort. You can do this using any sized round object, this little number was knocked up on a space hopper. Just follow the technique of layering PVA glue and newspaper, and letting its dry between layers. More layers = firmer mold. You can then decorate it using paints to make any kind of pumpkin face you like!

Using rich tea biscuits, and icing you can make any spooky face you like. This simple skeleton was created using white runny icing spooned on top – while it is still wet, pipe on two big dots for the eyes, two small for the nose and then a big curve for a smile. Use a cocktail stick to drag the nose holes and smile lines to create the spooky look. You can use the same technique to create a spiders web. Using piping icing make 3/4 circles inside one another, or do a big swirl and drag the lines using a stick. You can leave these to set and then enjoy! Mix up the colours, for example use an orange base, and a green writing icing to create a pumpkin, or a black background and white swirls for a creepy take in spiders webs.

For a creepy night in, stock up on these fab Halloween themed bath products from Lush. I’m thinking, hot bath, candles and some creepy music, followed by a scary film and tonnes of sweets. If you’ve got kids and fancied a spooky night in, this is ideal, just make sure you watch Hocus Pocus and not SAW. Click here to view my recent post on my visit to the Lush VIP bloggers event.

If you do have kids and you’re local to Southport Pleasureland, I highly recommend a day out there over the Halloween half term. The whole park is decorated with a Halloween theme including pumpkins, hay bales, and staff dressed up. When I visited, they had even set up their own spooky street, with plenty of doors to discover either a trick or a treat. It’s great for children of all ages, so the little ones don’t get too spooked, but the older kids still can get in the spirit.

I am looking to attend a screening of a classic horror film, or a spooky movie night. If you know of any being run this year near Liverpool, please let me know! X Swish X





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