Colour Me Pretty

Last week I received blogger mail! My first woohoo! I was very kindly sent Bic colouring pencils and a colouring book to review. I absolutely love to colour in, I recommended adult colouring books in my “Ways To Relax” blog post, if you’d like to check it out. (for now, its hidden, I am going to work on updating it)

Now to the review! The pencils I received are called “Conté”, obviously not being an artistè extrodainairè I didn’t instantly know the word meant something! A quick Google search quickly informed me they’re named Conté after their creator. 

Until these pencils came in to my life, I’ll be honest I was using a children’s pack from Tesco. Not hating on those pencils, they’re very lovely in their own way, but I didn’t realise colouring in could feel so lovely. The Conté pencils are soft and glide across the page, I’m a bit of a misophone so the dragging noise of a lead pencil or felt tip pen gives me nightmares! These pencils colour like a dream, they’re pigmented and allow my pretentious side to pop out, and I can create a gradient effect quite easily. Don’t ask my why but I love a good gradient while I colour in. I found the tips to really last too, they didn’t wear down too quickly. If like me, you colour regularly, these would make a lovely treat to yourself, just to make your relaxing time a little more “grown up”, better to bring these out your bag on the train than a Batman pencil case and Crayola crayons. I do feel that there could be a better of selection of colours per pack, but tone wise they work well together, and are definitely a pleasure to use!





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