Pumpkin spice & everything nice 

*Disclaimer* Title is click bait only, what the fluffin hell is pumpkin spice? Not gonna lie – never tried it, leave recommendations below!

Soz about that kittens, I couldn’t bring myself to have the title “Fall Favourites” or “Fall Fashion”. But here it is, my contribution to awesome autumn!

At this time of year, I absolutely adore Pumpkins. I go pumpkin picking most years, you get absolutely filthy and freezing but it’s BOSS. Then, you get to come home and carve the cuties up and light a candle inside, what did we do to deserve to enjoy that smell!? If you’re any good at cooking, I suggest you get your head together and make a spicy pumpkin soup…delicious. I LOVE PUMPKINS! If you do too and you’re crafty, check out my This is Halloween blog, on how to make your own wearable pumpkin head!

Autumn/winter fashion is just my love! Hats hide bad hair days as well as protecting you from the elements abuse. I adore this vintage wool floppy hat I got for £1.99 in Claire House charity shop. The leather skirt was just £3 in the sale from The Vintage Corner, whilst I bought the New Look jacket from a factory second store, that cost me just £2, I’ve teamed it with a real leather belt I bought for 50p!

How stunning is this blouse, this cost just £1.99 from a Jospice Charity shop. I fell in love with the autumnal colours and pattern. The fact it was new with tags that had the date 31/10/1990 written on it totally swung it for me! I love this Topshop jumpsuit, that was £8 in a factory seconds store. I removed the fabric belt that came with it, I’ll most likely wear that as a choker, and wear a different belt around my waist. I’m still searching for my bargain pair of peep toe heeled ankle boots to wear with this!

All of the cosy stuffs! I always love getting wrapped up in the autumn, both inside and outside. Those are my favourite slippers, in obvs leopard print, they were a gift last Christmas, the bottom picture is my favourite fluffy hat. Conveniently the hat is also a favourite of my dog, she robs the bobble off the top and hides it under the bed, nice one Frank! The tasseled cape, my sister was getting rid of, so obviously I stole it, who doesn’t love a freebie, especially one in plum colours *swoon*.

Thanks for stopping by! Swish x





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