High Street Make Up Haul

This week I popped to my local Superdrug, because well, I love make up and I “needed” a few bits. The second part is kind of true, I did need new eyebrow stuffs and a setting spray. I don’t love powders for setting make up, and this British autumn/winter weather will not be kind to keeping my face fab unless I have some help. I accidentally fell and a few other bits fell in my basket, and I felt stupid putting them back so…yeno.


Can you believe this palette was just £6!? Although Makeup Revolution do make a contour palette, the range of colours in this palette will work well for me for concealing, highlighting and contouring …. WIN.

Ever since the gorj Anna Passey wore Illamasqua “Box” lipstick on Hollyoaks a few weeks back, I’ve been craving a budget but beautiful post box red lippy. This matte finish one from Makeup Revolution is just dreamy! Long lasting, highly pigmented and suprisingly moist (sorry, I know people hate that word) for a matte finish, its full on fab for just £3, even better its on 3 for 2 in Superdrug right now! I’ve bought MUA lip liners in the past, and they’re definitely one of the best for just £1! Slides on without dragging, great colour and staying power, with a free pencil sharpener…why don’t I have one in every colour!?

My first purchases from Freedom make up! I haven’t seen this brand in stores before, but I have heard of it. I’ve yet to test the spray, so I best report back on that! I did try the brow pomade though, the blonde shade is perfect for me, its quite ashy toned which is nice. Best thing is, it lasted all day! Creamy and soft, a little went a long way, with both items being £5 each, I have a feeling I will want to buy from this brand again.

What are your favourite drug store brands or items? Thanks for stopping by, Swish x





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