The Importance of being YOU-nique (and just having a laugh!)

Before I begin, please bare in mind this post is meant to be light hearted and funny. A parody, if you will of many of the blogs out there giving us reasons on why XYZ is so important. I’m not belittling anyone’s advice or efforts to create useful advice content, because it is valued and born from hard work and I imagine, a good heart. Sometimes, it’s just nice to remember it’s ok to do stuff, not do stuff, eat pizza, not eat pizza, etc. In my opinion, as long as you’re not hurting anyone its ok to be yourself, whatever version of that, that may be on any given day. Just be happy and be you, we can all feel pressured into doing something a certain way, when that’s probably not even the intention of the blogs. I promise you, the day you stop giving a shit, and just start doing what you want to do, you’ll feel so much better.

The Importance of Organ Donation: No thank you mam. Imagine being on an operating table, and Dr Smiths daughter Lucy is crying out for a new kidney, and he sizes yours up and it fits perfectly. One slip of the scalpel and poof, you’re a gonner and your kidney is on ice quicker than you can say Hannibal Lecter.

The Importance of a Media Pack: ya wa? I served my time in Uni working on statistics, and analytics. SPSS rest in pain pal, I ain’t got timeeee for statistics ever again. I am no Cadey Haron, no I do not love maths, as beautiful as it is that it is the same in every country. Unless I’m calculating a banging discount on some new clothes or make up, numbers and figures you are not my friend.

The Importance of being Vegan: Vegans, I have got to hand it to you, you’re good people. But fuck off, I LOVE cheese, no amount of telling me why I should be vegan will make me change my ways. Some particular vegans have you leaving their page feeling like the spawn of the anti christ, or as one Twitter user put it “just because you aren’t vegan doesn’t mean you go round all day kicking cats”. Not being a vegan is just as good as being a vegan, savour your sausage and egg muffin boo, it’s goooood! If you are vegan, enjoy your Crackerbread and avocado, soy milk, fresh air with a hint of breadcrumb salad burger, hun.
The Importance of White Walls a Marble Background and Copper Accessories Only: Right, I’ve fell victim to this lately. Its true, it all photographs perfectly, but when I started blogging, I didn’t have a clue. To be honest, my fussy backgrounds and mismatched accessories made me happy. I was having a go, doing my best and learning as I go. That being said, if you can’t get your hands on The Ultimate Bloggers Scenic Settings Backdrop and Accessories Kit ©, make the most of what you’ve got, and if you’re happy with how your pictures turn out, thats great!



The Importance of Healthy Eating: Honestly, got no time for this at all. Not saying I am doing Supersize Me or anything, but all day every day sweating over a boiled egg I’ve got to savour for a whole meal!? Nope. I am most definitely more Dommmmminos than DomiNOs, it will be a cold day in hell when I choose a smoothie over a McMuffin, or a salad over a sausage butty. Just kidding, I do love a good breakfast smoothie, and I actually eat fruit and veg like a grown up (honest mum!) But if you can’t do it all the time, so what. If it’s not on Instagram loves, did you really eat it?

The Importance of being a Good Blogger: Erm, sound. Do me a favour, blogger mail us over a copy of The Good Bloggers Guide VI Revised Prestige Rose Gold Marble Plate Edition 2016 please love! Who made you the boss, this is my blog and I’ll decide what’s good and what’s not!

The Importance of an Instagram Theme: Now this, can proper proper do one. The T1 filter on VSCO Cam isn’t universally pretty on all pictures now is it? I don’t wear pink every day, or stop by pink walls whilst wearing white and grey six times a week. For me, themes are so not possible, especially during Halloween and Christmas I mean THINKOFALLTHECOLOURSOFDECORATIONSOMG. Here’s one for you, my colour theme is: Explosion at the Crayola factory, ah that feels better!

I really hope this gave you all a little giggle. Again, I did not mean to offend anyone, and I do value and often read “How To” & “Importance” blogs they are helpful. I just want you all to remember, it’s not always neccesary to be stringent and stick to the advice of everything you read, it’s ok to take bits of advice, all of it or non at all. Do whatever makes you happy, or don’t! Whatever! Swish x 





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