I hope you don’t mind, this blog is going to be a bit like Boxing Day Bubble & Squeak – a bit of everything all in one delicious little bubble. Also, the pictures in this post are just cheerful and light, I am well aware they don’t really “go” with the post or each other but shurrup don’t care read on cos IDGAF I’m gonn’ be happeee!


I spent over a week over the festive period sulking in bed with a cold, and I am a bit deflated. To add to that feeling, I’ve come back to a life online where I have seen so many inspirational posts (which when you’ve been looking and feeling crap, as less than inspiring!) and HELLA negativity. From fat shaming, to diet shaming to just out and out shaming, I wanted to hear if anyone else felt a little bit like a burst balloon when going back to reality.

Before I get started I want to remind anyone who reads this post, that it is perfectly ok to be you, in whatever way that may be. If you want to join the gym, eat right and change your body, good for you I hope you enjoy that and reach your goals. If you want to eat all the christmas leftovers and are comfortable in the skin your in, I’m happy for you too. I know its unpleasant for some people to be reminded of diet goals, or ways to lose weight and I’ve seen so many people criticising adverts for these. But on the flip side, some people want this kind of boost and can really set people on a really good path.  Additionally, I didn’t see any posts before Christmas absolutely ripping Marksys for their food adverts encouraging our indulgence, if you’re going to go full keyboard warrior on trigger words etc argue the toss on this one! I’ve mostly seen just so much debate about dieting, weight loss, gain and all that, but I’ve seen other horrible comments and criticisms too about content posted online, certain hashtags people like to use, accessories and backgrounds being slandered, the list goes on!



Theres so many people saying things what you should and shouldn’t do, I just think you should bare a few things in mind when making your choices, instead of hanging on the advice and opinions of others:

  • Will it benefit me?
  • Will it harm others?
  • Will it make me happy?

Unless you’re a big meany pants and answered yes to the second question, I whole heartedly encourage you to proceed with your life choices now!

That being said, I’m looking for some inspiration, to take away my unspiration! Anything I can think of to get my wiggle back (for the most part!) makes me want to spend money (yes I am an emotional shopper). I want to go and buy new sports wear before I go on a nice scenic walk! I want to buy tonnes of new make up, or go charity shop shopping – admittedly, the spending has begun! I have purchased two motivational books, I can’t wait for them to come, I will definitely be sharing what they are and what I think.

Before I go, check out my older post The Importance of Being Younique  , hopefully it will give you a giggle, and help you realise I am not miserable and can laugh at first word probs.

Please remember, do what makes you happy, safe and well in yourself! Please get in touch with anything that inspires YOU in a slump, I’d love to see/hear it xxxx






4 thoughts on “Unspirational!?”

  1. I absolutely 100% love this post! I’ve dealt with some online negativity myself that was just unnecessary recently and it really got me down, I wish a few more people would take a leaf out of your book! Great post, I’m so glad I read this. Love,
    Hayley X

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