Tee Time

I am loving the distressed t-shirt trend thats out right now. You know the ones, covered in bleach and moth bitten worse than the throw in your Nans spare room? In my honest opinion, they’re a bit over priced for something that looks like your little sister made it in nursery, so I set out to make my own. Not only that, theres a hell of a lot of “band” tees out there, and did you know if you can’t recite every 3rd and 7th song from the first 3 studio albums of the band on the tee, Twittersphere will come and troll you all the way to Alcatraz. I thought, best not get caught up in being verbally attacked half way to Timbuktu, fuck this shit I’ll make me own!

You can have your own one of a kind too, all you’ll need is a few things you’ll probably have knocking around.

  • A t -shirt (obvs) – I picked up mine from a charity shop, its a mens slim fit Topshop one, new with tags! £1.99 woo.
  • Scissors – nothing too big, because you want to be able to start small with the snips, you can’t uncut you know this isn’t MTV. Nail scissors are good for fraying the cut.
  • Spray bleach – ready mixed or make your own, for that you’ll need a spray bottle.Be like me, let Flash do the hard work and then fume because its not strong enough and end up throwing Domestos right out the bottle.
  • Rubber gloves to protect your hands from the bleach.
  • Hazmat suit optional.

You can stop here, but I found a broken necklace and an old headband to stick on for extra *jazz hands*, in that case you’ll need a needle and thread too.


So the first thing I set out to do was add moth holes. I had these sexy black snippers to hand, and a pair of nail scissors. I headed back for tweezers a bit later on too! To create the hole, my best tip is fold the fabric in half in the opposite direction for how you want the hole to appear. So fold vertical and snip straight ahead for a horizontal hole, and vice versa. Do a few of different shapes and sizes all around until your happy. Best effect is created by stabbing the fabric until it tears, then using little scissors and tweezers to fray the edge.

For example:



I did take pictures of the next step but it didn’t look very pretty! So just throw your top in the bath, I put mine in front down just to experiment on the back, and that way when it turns over, the back soaks up any excess bleach too. Spray in a combination of full squirts and light/half sprays to get a varying pattern on the fabric. Turn it over and repeat, leave it until the colour is to your liking, then you can wash it (make sure its in a wash of its own!). Once its dry we’re off to the next step!


As the sleeves were too big for me, I rolled them up and pressed them in to shape using the iron. I also cut a split up one side to pull the t-shirt tight in a knot. This was a great idea until I put the top on and it untied itself when I breathed out too hard. Hooray for rolls!


Finally, you can stitch on some accessories of your choice, or you can skip this step. If you do choose too do this though, be sure to buy decent needles, not ones for 79p for an entire sewing kit, because the needles will snap in half at the hint of resistance and practically blind your pet and mutilate your finger tips. Here is the final result, let me know what you think and if you decide to have a go! Swish XO







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