Be At One Cocktails

Who knew that being good could taste so naughty!? Be At One bar that’s who! This trendy laid back bar hosted a blogging event on Thursday and little old me blagged an invite! Our hosts knew exactly what the scouse bloggersphere liked, and wow did they deliver! Prosecco on arrival, popcorn on demand and the chance to create our own virtuous cocktail with the help of their adorable bar staff.


If you couldn’t face dry January, but the thought of a Jaegerbomb would would send your detoxing bod into detonate, then Be At One is the place for you. Here is the low down on the cheeky cocktails on offer, low in alcohol content and rich in natural ingredients.

ALMOND MOCHA: kahlua, almond butter, raw chocolate powder, almond milk & palm sugar

SWEDISH DEATH NETTLE: absolut elix, nettle cordial, fresh lemon juice, english breakfast tea & soda water

BEES KNEES: beefeater gin, lemon juice, Manuka honey and pollen syrup

TANG DYNASTY: tanqueray, lillet, yuzu, tea and egg white

SVENSKA DETOX: absolut Citron, lime juice, agave syrup, pineapple chunks, spinach and kale

*i am sure theres a few more but i can’t find my menu pictures or the description online – best go back hadn’t i in the name of research mmhmm*

After a Prosecco welcome and a chat about all the good stuff on offer, we were all welcomed over to a seat at the bar. It was lined with glasses FULL of popcorn, from sour cream & chive, to just plain sweet, everyone was happy!


Would you believe I’m a bit of a wallflower!? I let a couple of girls go up before me to make their drinks, but I bravely volunteered as the 3rd cocktail maker booty shaker (have you even *heard* the tunes they play! I felt like Queen B).Anyway my cocktail was DELICIOUS. I picked the Swedish Death Nettle, even though I was a little bit scared I’d break out in hives and my throat would close over and I’d be escorted to A&E with 19 other scouse bloggers in tow. Thankfully that didn’t happen, which was nice – the cocktail though was nicer and I’d take a tonne of nettle stings for just one more sip! I had a taste of some other drinks flowing around, and literally all of them I would try again (didn’t try the one with egg white in though and don’t intend to!).


Once all the girls were done with the cocktail making & tasting, the bar staff Daisy & Chris set up a little game for us. We were split into two groups, with each group being given the ingredients to one cocktail. The 6 girls in each group, stood in a line with our back to the bar, the aim was to pass the ingredients backwards one by one to the bartender, who then passed it back through the line. Thankfully nothing got broken and the cocktails turned out delicious, think I ended up with vodka trickling down my legs, but it wouldn’t be the first time so.


Towards the end of the evening, we were all given a lovely shot. Now I’ll be honest, I am not a huge drinker at all so after two drinks, the head starts going fuzzy, so I can’t remember what it was called or what was in it! We all received a gift bag too, with some vouchers for discounts at the bar. The night was young and the menu looked tasty, so I accidentally slipped and fell and bought a Bueno and a Candy Pants. OMG they were both delicious, the Bueno drink was like a dessert, ice cream and chocolate in a glass – amazing! The Candy Pants was sweet and fruity, so refreshing without the over powering poof of alcohol you sometimes get in drinks.



To everyone involved thanks for having me and I look forward to coming back, Swish x






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