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To Do: Be Fabulous

Heres a snazzy update on another old blog, some tips on being a proper fab ed x

 Wash your make up brushes don’t be a tramp, don’t make things awkward. This doesn’t have to be costly either, a bar of soap (I prefer Johnsons baby soap or Dettol) a clean sponge, and some water is all you need. Simply wet your brushes, swirl in the soap, swirl over the sponge (or I’ve got a Real Techniques pad now), rinse and repeat until clean.You may need/want to do yours more or less frequently depending on your skin type and make up use.


  Coconut oil for everything! You can use it to make home made scrubs, there is tonnes of inspiration for that on Pinterest. If you can get past the odd texture and taste, it’s great to swish around your mouth to clear bacteria, and if done often enough whiten teeth! I like to use it to wipe of make up, melt some in your hand and rub it all over your face then wipe off. I also use it as a hair mask, massage it into my eyebrows to help them grow, and also to take away any excess oil on my skin.

 Instead of dry shampoo, I sometimes use talc to freshen up my hair. That and translucent powder, be careful though this isn’t a pensioner fancy dress party we don’t want grey hair here. I’ve heard horror stories lately about dry shampoo and hair loss, and I really don’t fancy risking that. Not only that, I often found that it gave me “dirty hair headaches”, I am not joking this is a real thing, if you don’t believe me, ask google!

Keep a spares box. Nothing feels more like a present to me from me than a packet of face wipes or a new hand cream when you’re desperate. Whats better is it’s sat in a box full of other beauty products you’re hauling because you don’t have enough half empty bottles of shit as it is.


 Make the most of your make up! My hair line is quite uneven, when I’m feeling extra paranoid (read: always, everyday), I like to blend the baby hairs and baldy bits into oblivion with a bit of matte eyeshadow. Now I am bog standard brunette so it’s quite straightforward, anyone with brighter or lighter shades, definitely try a few different shadows or combinations and see what works for you.

 Look after your hands. Where possible, wear gloves when cleaning or doing dishes, because it ages hands terribly. Hands are the first give away of signs of ageing, when the skin becomes wrinkled, crepey and dry, even your snazzy nails don’t look good. So when I moisturise my body, I rub the cream all over my hands first and leave it on quite thick, until I’ve done the rest of my body, when I’ll rub it all in to my hands.

 Also, take care of your natural nails! When moisturising, gently scratch along the surface of your hand where you have moisturiser, this will leave a coat of cream under your natural nails, doing this regularly will leave them soft and hopefully not brittle! In addition to this, I love to massage coconut oil into my cuticles as this is the most important area to keep hydrated in your nails to make them grow. That being said I LOVE acrylics, so only really do this when I am having a break from falsies.

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 Before applying false tan, I moisturise my hands and slightly up my wrists. Then I wear gloves and a mitt to apply my tan all over my body. When this is done I will gently wash and dry my hands, leaving just a light layer of cream. Finally I dot a small amount of tan on my inner wrists, then use my left wrist to smooth tan over the back of my right hand, then vice versa. The pre moisturising should help it blend subtley and avoid orange knuckles, whilst the wrist technique should help avoid orange tan palms!

 Foundation shop with a bare face! Fumin’ ano, but hear me out, running a line of foundation as a tester from your cheek down your jawline on to your neck is a much better predictor of colour match, than for example trying it on your hand. You can go outside in to natural light and see which matches best. I like to do this for a colour to match my fake tan, and I’ll also go and do this on a day I am not wearing tan. This gives you two colour choices, and for the days in between, you can mix them together to make your perfect shade! Be sure to yell as loud as possible to the dolled up girls in Mac “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I CAN DO”


 Always wash your face properly for a more even complexion. You don’t have to exfoliate/cleanse/tone/moisturise/oil/wipe off oil/prime/sandblast/21 steps to a flawless face. I don’t believe in all that, find what works for you. But before doing a face of make up, or a no make up face have a proper wash! Face wipes just aren’t cutting it in 2017, so if you like soap and water use that, or something like Cetaphil, Micellar water or your choice of cleaner on cotton pads.

 Finally, relax! Nothing is better for feeling and looking good than being well rested, relaxed and happy. Taking time for you to do what makes you relaxed and happy is so important, relaxing isn’t necessarily about quiet calm activities, some people find that exercising helps them to relax and switch off, for others it’s music and dancing.






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