Budget Brush Besties

I heckin’ love make up. Back in the days of yore, I applied foundation with my fingers and eyeshadow with a bloody eyeshadow applicator sponge on a stick. I cannot believe they still come in some shadows, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use one online unless it was for a joke. I did however used to use the sponge that came in the Elizabeth Arden creme foundation (so sophisticated), once I upgraded from some Laval liquid stuff that made me Wotsit orange. I won’t lie though I miss the days of patchy foundation, tonnes of kohl, blue mascara and tea tree concealer for lipstick. Alas, I have grown up and evolved, I’m still a bargain bunny though, so these are my fav affordable brushes!

I adore these 5 brushes by Eco Tools. I have had them for so many years, and they’ve washed and been used a billion times. I’ve never had any hair fall out, they always dry perfectly back in shape and have stayed so soft. The concealer brushes are flat and dense, they really work well with cream products, and the powder brushes are so delicate they really distribute product softly all over the skin.

I love ELF, and these three brushes always have my back! I use the flat top powder brush for liquid foundation, it’s dense and doesn’t absorb too much product giving a fuller coverage. I love the fluffy brush for blending concealer and the angled brush its so good for cream contour.

Three more from a different range at ELF. Although the small brushes are called “blending eye brushes” I don’t think they’re quite right for blending, they’re quite dense and pencil like, so are great for a defined crease or use on the lower lash line. The angled brush is labelled as a “bronzing brush”, for me it’s not what I prefer for bronzing, but the fluffy texture and angle gives a lovely finish for highlighting those cheekbones!

What are some of your favourite budget brushes? Let me know x





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