Liv Bloggers Ignite

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending an ab-fab bloggers event, set up by the gorgeous Ruth. Ruth had kindly gathered some speakers, to give their advice on a handful of areas relating to building a brand online.

There were four speakers in total, and I have to say, each one was brilliant. I learnt so much that day, my only regret was not taking a pen and paper for notes! I’ll have to manage with the notes saved in my phone! I am already well in to making improvements using the tips, and I’ll be sure in the future to share what I can when I’m more confident in what I found out!

As soon as the event finished I marched to Waterstones to buy a book recommended by Jayne from Future Boss Club. It was sadly out of stock so I drowned my sorrows in buying two other books to get me kicking more butt.

This post is short and sweet, and a chance for me to extend my thanks to all the speakers, Ruth, Roja Pinchos, and all the brands involved. Did I mention we received a fab goody bag!? Please give Ruth and anyone tagged a follow because they really made an impact, I am certain there’ll be another event in the future because this one was flawless, so well put together and everyone who attended LOVED it, including me!

Edward,  from Roja Pinchos I’m ready to stalk him so much for a tonne of WordPress advice, I’ll end up being forced of Twitter for excessive tweets.

A gorgeous lady from #INSPO who’s name I’ve forgotten but lovely face & words I haven’t! I’m looking forward to seeing whats what with #INSPO mag, because the Chapman sisters are on the next cover!

Jayne from Future Boss Club & Liverpool Ladies Network, you can just tell she’s so boss about everything! I can see her getting sick of the sight of my face, I’ll be popping up at all her events soaking up the knowledge.

Jenny from Liverpool Girl Geeks just gave me all the goals. I want to read everything, pester people to work with me and properly grow my online presence, I’m sure I’ll meet her properly soon because I’ve got my eye on an LGG course.

Thankyou also to Superdrug, Dr Oetker and Instant Print for contributing to the goody bags. I look forward to sharing my feed back on some of the goods inside!






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