It’s a knockout! Beauty Blender versus…


Sooo I am a bargain bunny, but a few weeks back I ventured into the big ole land of “high end” makeup.

Inspired by the hype, I had to buy an original Beauty Blender. £18 for a bit of sponge!  Mate if I don’t end up with skin like a babies backside I am gonna fume. And fume I did.


I’ve been using the B. Latex -free Blending Sponge (Superdrug, £5.99), for a while now and I can’t say really I’ve any complaints about it. It isn’t over absorbent, it is firm but bouncy too, it washes really well and holds the shape nice. The only thing is, similarly to most face sponges, it is a bit big for use around the eyes. I love the coverage I get from it as it doesn’t absorb too much product at all. The description on Superdrug says “simplifies the art of blending ones makeup resulting in a flawless finish. Due to the nature of the material (i.e hydrophilic -absorbs water and rejects oil) makeup is not absorbed like in the manner of traditional sponges”.

Now, Beauty Blender. I am so disappointed (I’ve contacted the customer services to see if maybe I’ve bought a rogue sponge thats bypassed quality control!). It feels light and cheap, it soaked up so much product, the finish wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, it felt bitty against the skin and hasn’t held its shape well at all. I washed it 3 times after one use but the BB cream has stained it, not only that I’m not loving the pink dye running when it is wet, I don’t want to look like a Jigglypuff! How many times am I meant to wash it to get rid of the colour? No me gusta nada hun. The website states that the BB  is made from “a unique super soft material…ensures that makeup sits on top of sponge and is not absorbed into sponge…less makeup waste”.

Left is the original BB, can you see the make up stains from two uses, in comparison to a  6 month old B. sponge!

What do you think? Is the Beauty Blender giving you enough bang for ya buck? It’s a no from me.





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