The Body Shop(s)!

Lets face it, Liverpool is boss, so it’s only natural that the shops here soak it up from the fab ass people who work there.

In a matter of days, I went to two different TBS stores for some (blog) loving’, The Body Shop Bold Street and The Body Shop L1, equally as gorgeous in their own way.

TBS Bold Street is a national treasure. Ok, maybe not national, but it’s my local treasure. It’s been going for yonks, and I probably spent most of any money I ever had between about 1996 and 2002 in there on bath pearls and lip balms.

I stopped by there recently to check out the launch of some summer products, Mojito and Piñata Colada – two scents that will have you droolin’ n dreamin’.

If you need a summer hit, these limited edition products are for you. The Mojito products smell just like the drink, with a zesty lime and mint fragrance mmmm. I won’t lie, the Piñata Colada range smells good enough to eat, pure paradise scents of pineapple and coconut. How cute is the packaging of it all too!?

It was quite a quiet event, so I had the pleasure of having a good old natter with staff member Sam. We talked all about TBS being cruelty free, and how all products are at the very least vegetarian. TBS do good too – no word of a lie they’re match making monkeys….I’ll leave the link below.

A few days later, I stopped by the ultra trendy L1 TBS store. I met the sweetest staff member Ruby, who helped me pick out some makeup that was perfect for my skin.


live in false tan, but sometimes I need a break, and it’s during my tan breaks, I cannot for the life of me find a makeup that works! I visited Ruby on a no tan day, and she found me the most perfect foundation. She listened to everything I wanted and picked me out a product in the colour, coverage and finish I was after. Ruby gave me a gorgeous glowing makeover using some products to work well with my pale skin.

 I went for a glowy natural look that day

I have to say, TBS customer service is second to none. I’m always treated so nicely by all the staff in all of the stores, they’re always helpful and there for you but not pushy.

The free gift and discount in store might have led me to buying a few products too, but its for the purpose of research and helping to #findreggielove.

Find out more about The Body Shop and their ethical policies here.





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