Summer Essentials with CarnLival

If you don’t know what CarnLival is…IMMATELLYOU. It’s a super fit bloggers event in Liverpool, for bloggers by bloggers (I’ll link the organisers down below).

 My first CarnLival was at the beginning of July, the theme was BIRTHDAY. I’m going to share a few pics from the event, and then(!!) because the lovely hostesses are known for whacking out THE BEST goody bags known to man, I’m going to share some of my picks from the bag which are absolute summer must haves.

Trendy bar restaurant goals with Yard & Coop, who supplied some absolutely BANGING buffet bits, hello fried cheese balls, I’ll be coming back for you!

Sweet treats on every table, jelly beans and Haribo galore, and these cookies by Custom Cookie Co, are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before!

Summer Essentials

So before we get dolled up in tiny outfits flashing the flesh, unless you love your pale skin, you’re going to want to tan. I live in false tan, I’m excited to try this gradual developing tan by Crazy Angel. It smells a bit “fake tan” to me in the tube so I’m curious to see what it’s like when it’s on.

While you’re out and about in the sun, you’re going to want to take care of yourself. For me lip balm with SPF in is a must, and this classic coconut one from national treasure brand Lypsyl is delightful. Once you’re done lolling around on the grass and the sand, don’t be a meff and sanitise your hands. This cute Merci Handy one is pretty and smells like lollipops whats not to love?

I get a bit bored lounging round in the sun, so I read to entertain myself as I bake (safely, obvs.) I’ve nearly finished this number by Melissa Pimentel, it’s not usually what I’d choose, but it’s sweet and an easy read, perfect if you’re looking for a modern day tale of romance.

If you don’t feel a bit dry and crispy at the end of a summers day, what you doing!? I’ll be using this Oils Of Heaven Marula Oil to bring a bit of hydration back to my skin, and this Noughty Hair Care leave in conditioner will be getting rubbed allllll over my head. The conditioner is 97% natural, paraben free AND vegan. Sooooo 2017.


You’d be lying if you said at some point, the summer sun didn’t have you craving some sort of cocktail or mocktail. This HolliesLollies lollipop should satisfy an itch, a mojito lollipop with real rum sounds like an amazing way to end the day to me!

Organisers Katy & Sam





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