Technic Colour Fix – Review & Swatches

I love makeup! Can’t get enough of the stuff  I tell ya!

My drawers might already be collapsing under the weight of all the makeup products I own, but that doesn’t deter me from getting any more (obvs). This one is TOTALLY justified, as it’s another #carnlival treat WOO.

After eyebrow products, my next can’t live without makeup products are blush and bronze. We all need that Kimmy K Kontour and beachy flush blush yep!? These are surely go to products you can pop on to look a bit healthier without going ott in my opinion.

This palette is a gorgeous range of 8 shades, 4 blush and 4 bronze. There are two peachy based blushes, ideal for warmer skins, and two pink based colours which compliment cooler skin tones better. All of the bronze colours are quite warm, so lack the ashy tone which works better for contour, but are sure to work well for a sun kissed glow.

PRETTY OR WA. The products are SO CREAMY, not overly pigmented but I’m not complaining, I prefer a more buildable colour, particularly for blush looks. Aunt Sally* was a hun and all, but definitely not a makeup icon.

* am I old or am I old?

The creams swatched really nicely using my finger, picked up easily, and came off easily on to my arm. The cream texture is really soft and easy to blend out, but smells a bit like Play-Doh. I’m excited to try these products in a look, and see how they wear. For a vegan cruelty free palette of 8 shades that retails for just £5, I think this palette is definitely worth a try.





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