2017 is the year that Gin is having a moment with the kids. Previously popular with the pensioners, this year it seems to be the millennial choice of tipple. Everywhere I look around Liverpool, there is some new and innovative way of enjoying the old herbal medicine.

I was recently invited to attend an entire festival dedicated solely to gin, located in the old crypt of Paddys Wigwam. Before I visited, I had to line my stomach, so before I get to the fezzy, here’s what I had to eat in The Olive, Castle Street.

For a drink, I tried out a Hendricks gin, I’ve never had it before so the slice of cucumber in it had me a bit suspish. Still drank it though it was delicious.

My friend and I shared a cheesy garlic bread. HUNREAL.

I failed as a blogger when I forgot to photograph her main (I know, I’ve let the side down). My risotto was AMAZING. 12/10 would inhale quickly again.

My greedy ass had a salted caramel brownie for desert, while my friend had a very lady like sorbet.

Now to the Gin Festival! First things first, location, location, location. ABSOLUTELY UNREAL. I’ve been down in the crypt before, but taking a two hour third year psychology exam in there wasn’t quite as fun as having a drink down there.

Aside from what graces the shelves in the Asda, I didn’t know there was such a huge selection of gins available. Literally HUNDREDS. From Rhubarb to Peach, everything in between and all kinds of concoctions, there is something for everyone.


The highlight of the night was the try before you buy, stands of independent gin brands such as Liverpool Gin and Tinker, offering sample shots of their creations. My favourite was this Brockmans … YUM-MY.

For a full size drink I opted for a peach gin mixed with tonic, the bar lady recommended soda but I think it tastes like salt water so nobody was giving me that. My friend chose a rhubarb number, both were absolutely UNREAL.


After a little look around, lots of samples and some selfies, we hit the cocktail bar. I’ve never thought about gin in cocktails, if I’ve ever had it in one, it was probably without me actively picking it.


My cocktail of choosing was a Florida Sling. This drink was unreal, it tasted like candy floss to me! It was super syrupy sweet so it wouldn’t be to all tastes, but it was to mine, it was almost like a desert.

I enjoyed this drink whilst relaxing to the live band. The whole evening was an absolute delight, I loved the eclectic mix of people in attendance, and the attention to detail for the whole event. I’m not too sure if and when the festival will be back on the Mersey, but if you’d like to visit a town near you, here is the schedule!

*  I received passes to the event free of charge for purpose of review. All opinions and images are my own*





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