My Hair Cares

I’m a huge fan of GHD, they’re a brand I’ve grew up with. GHD were with me when I progressed from using the iron on my hair, to having *actual* hair straighteners.

I feel like after the hair tools from Argos that legit left us all with uneven lengths and static frizz (no offence), most girls have at some point progressed to a GHD product.

This year, GHD are supporting a number of charities, primarily Breast Cancer Now. This isn’t the first time though, because with the support of GHD, over £10 million has been raised for Breast Cancer Now!

Theres been a number of women in my life who’ve been affected by breast cancer directly, and 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

With the help of GHD, Breast Cancer Now aims to have a 100% survival rate of all women diagnosed with breast cancer by 2050, they’re some figures I can get behind!

Not only are GHD supporting Breast Cancer Now, they’re helping do some good for the little people in our life who’ve lost their hair. The Little Princess Trust provide wigs to children affected by hair loss, and this year with the help of GHD, you can help and #choptoyourchin

Other ways to get involved include, shopping the collection. For each pair of limited edition blush platinum stylers purchased, £10 will go to charity, £10 per purchase of the blush dryer and £2 per paddle brush.

If you can’t make a purchase, be sure to spread the word about GHD and their work, by using the hashtag #myhaircares.

Thank you to Natalie from GHD John Lewis, Liverpool for sharing this special launch with us! If you’re in the city, be sure to stop by and say hi!





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