Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Wash

You know I looooove trying new products I can get my mitts on for reviews!

I was recently sent a sample of the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree skin wash. This cruelty free wash can be used everywhere, it is formulated to kill bacterias that can cause your pitts to stink and your pimples to pop up. It is suitable for all skin types from dry, sensitive, normal, dragon, young, arse, face … you get the picture.

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks just on my body, and I’m really enjoying the clean feeling that it leaves. It is not as “tingly” or drying as other tea tree products I’ve used which can be quite uncomfortable after even just one use, you ever got out the shower and felt like an over cooked dried out spud? None of that uncomfortable tightness with this! It smells really pleasant, and is not over bearing but is still strong and fresh.

I feel though I can’t appreciate this product for all that it can offer, I don’t have any problem skin areas or odour problems that could really benefit from the properties of this wash. It has a shed load of positive reviews online with customers raving about its beneficial properties and how it is a must have for them.

Price wise, NGL it’s absolutely extortionate. You can buy it on Feel Unique for just £8.25(!) per 100ml, for this price I want a full body cellulite and pigmentation removal, and regular body posi comments being spoken from my sudsy sponge.

Have you tried it, what do you think?

*product was sent for purpose of review, all opinions & images are my own*





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