Micro Cell Nail Care Review

I wish I could say I was blessed with nails that grow long, strong, healthy and fit but no, sausage fingers at your service.

I’ve worn acrylics, stick on nails, and all the polishes under the sun on and off for years. I’ve tried all sorts of treatments to help them grow the way I’d like them to but to no avail.

Recently after stint of falsies, I was offered a repair kit for review. What better time to try that out than when my nails are as dry as a cracker – so, what have I tried?

“NAIL REPAIR has been specially developed for soft and brittle nails. The unique effect is based on the recovery of protein molecules in the stratum corneum. Damaged nails are strengthened and protected against tearing and splintering of the nail tips. Even after a short application time the nail grows noticeably stronger and more resistant, without loosing its flexibility.”

“NAIL REPAIR Remover is an acetone-free special remover to positively support any nail treatment. It is especially suitable for soft and brittle nails, removes MICRO CELL 2000 NAIL REPAIR and all nail varnishes particularly gently.”

“NAIL WONDER is a true magic paint for all purposes with 5-fold effect in just one product. By its extraordinary special formula Micro Cell 2000 NAIL WONDER covers several fields of application at the same time. As a nail varnish for prophylaxis, Instant dryer for perfectly polished nails, As a sealer for durability, As a color refresher for more shine and freshly painted optic, As ridge filler for nail grooves and small dry unevenness.”

Here are some before pictures!

They are a hot mess! Dry, covered in ridges, peeling, bendy and all round a full on show. So, religiously for a month I used the micro cell repair kit, applying and removing the polish per the instructions above.

My only complaint is that the Nail Repair polish was quite flaky, which isn’t too bad because it’s clear but I’m a picker so I was picking the flakey bits off….defeats the purpose really amirite!? Heres some after pics!

Length wise, they still haven’t grown any longer than they usually do, but theres been a huge improvement in the texture and strength of my nails. The flaking has recovered, there are no more white ridges, and they’re not peeling at all. It certainly lives up to its claims and really does work.

Price wise, this kit usually sells for around £36, its currently on sale for £14.99. If money is no object to you, you might want to buy it, but personally I feel theres more competitively priced products on the market.

Have you tried this or something similar? What did you think?





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