AHA Japanese Cleanser Review

When you wear makeup by the bucketload like me, you really need some cleansing products you can really on. I’ve got a few staple favs already, but I jumped at the chance to try out a cleanser formulated for Western skin, created using Japanese philosophies.

This cleanser is free from all the nasties! Paraben, palm oil and cruelty free, how good is that! You can use this cleanser to remove makeup, or daily just as a wash, I’ll get to the testimonial in a minute, heres a description of the trio of acids used in this formula,

“AHAs stands for Alpha-hydroxy Acids. The collection of acids are traditionally derived from plants and fermented milk, and are widely known for the fantastic benefits they can deliver to the skin. Our Cleansing Lotion is the best way to use AHAs in lower percentage in on a constant basis. This gives the same result as heavier peels, but in a safe, easy and effective way.

Containing the three most effective acids, our 2-in-1 Cleansing Lotion provides the perfect balance for gentle make-up removal, deep cleansing and skin rejuvenation.

Key acids…

CITRIC ACID – providing amazing benefits to improve the texture of skin and lightening dark spots, Citric acid naturally reduces blemishes. As a type of alpha-hydroxy acid, Citric acid exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells for brighter healthier skin.

GLYCOLIC ACID – derived from cane sugar Glycolic acid has the smallest molecules in the group so it’s able to penetrate skin deeply and easily. This acid works to treat fine lines, acne, blackheads and oiliness.

STEARLIC ACID – found in vegetable not animal based oils, it reduces skin’s water surface tension, allowing it to mix with oils and dirt on the surface of your skin for complete removal and deep cleansing.”

At first, I just didn’t feel like this cleanser was “up to much” so to speak. It has an unusual watery/gel like texture, this melts on the skin and rinses away without leaving any residue. I was expecting this product to be scented but it isn’t at all, so I kind of pre judged it that the lack of scent meant lack of success. I do prefer a little scent in a cleanser it just helps with the “clean” feeling for me, but I came to appreciate there not being one as it provided a really gentle and pleasant cleansing experience!

I’ve been using this cleanser for about 6 weeks, and considering when it first came out the pump I felt it to be really bland and nondescript, I’m really loving it! Just one pump is enough to take off a full face of makeup, it even passed the cotton wool pad test – no residue makeup or otherwise after use. It feels lovely on the skin, it is in no way drying or oily, it really is just neutral and natural feeling.

In addition to being a great makeup remover, this product actually improved the overall   look and feel of my skin. In my opinion my skin is actually already quite good, I don’t have much pigmentation or many breakouts, but I do have some redness and texture. The AHA cleanser really reduced the tiny blackhead/whitehead bumps on the service without being harsh, my skin looks just generally clearer and brighter. I usually use The Body Shop liquid peel a couple of times a week to take away dead skin and that texture, but I found while using this cleanser, I didn’t need to use the peel hardly at all.

I’ll be continuing to use this product until the end of the bottle, and I may be tempted to repurchase! Skin care works differently for everyone, and I really feel this could be a holy grail cleanser for some, it really is beautiful. You can use the code TOKYO for 10% discount (not aff, I’m just nice).

*product was sent for purpose of review, all opinions & images my own*





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