Halloween Lust Haves!

Hey Bootiful! Halloween is my fav time of year, it exceeds my Easter and Valentines Day ratings, but ranks below my birthday and Christmas, you feel me?

12/10 heckin love Halloween because there’s just a massive bloody *pun intended* selection of foods to eat. The pumpkins soup gets on the go, bags of sweets EVERYWHERE  and there’s always a fit drink knocking round. Also so much LOVE for the films, the decorations, the pyjamas, the candles…..SO.MUCH.CHOICE!


I haven’t got any solid party plans for H-wizzle this year, but one thing I can guarantee is at some point I’ll be chillin’ like a villain’ and this PLT pumpkin onesie* has got my name all over it. Be sure to dress up at some point though Queens, because you know – if you’ve got it, haunt it.


I am extra AF, so you won’t catch me leaving any four legged and furries out this Halloween. This outfit is perfect for biting the ankles of the little rats who take two too many sweets, you *know* the type I mean.


Halloween just wouldn’t feel right for me without the perfect scents, sounds and candlelit movie nights. Woodwick are my FAVOURITE candle brand, and I’ve had this bad boy before*, heads up huns – it’s beaut (and 3 for 2 at Boots!) SCENTSATIONAL.


Drink up, Witches! Ya gal LOVES these copper effect mugs from Wilko. I envisaged them with a hot chocolate covered in marshmallows spilling over the sides, but Wilko are saying they’re perfect for cocktails! I’ll compromise, Baileys hot chocolate anyone?


Answering the door with a bare face is non negotiable, even on the 31st of October. I can knock out a proper traditional skull face when I put my mind to it, this duo from Makeup Revolution will serve me well for this years spooktacular soiree.


Would a Halloween wish list be complete without a Lush product included! Thought I’d forgotten didn’t ya? You’ve got to be kitten me, I’ve got major heart eyes over this Bewitched bubble bar, it’s almost too cute to use!

*links marked with a * are affiliate links, this post isn’t sponsored, I just have a lot of feelings for buying things!*

Images in this post are all sourced from the retailers websites!







4 thoughts on “Halloween Lust Haves!”

  1. Woodwick candles are the BEST! Annoying thing is though, I work in a department store and when I’m riffling through clothes in the warehouse, I turn the corner and BAM! There is a storage section with hundreds of those bad boys. If I could get away with it, I’d sit in there sniffing my way through all of the different varieties all day! x

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