Afternoon Tea with NYL

Sandwiches, tea and cake are the most iconic British trio known to man, am I right or what!? Afternoon tea is one of my most favourite quintessentially British treats, after cancelled plans and on time public transport.

I’ve been to a fair few afternoon tea soirées with varying levels of “how good is this scone though?”, and “how old is this bread though?”. I’d never been to NYL afternoon tea before, so I jumped at the chance to try it out, especially as a newly converted vegetarian I was keen to see what was on offer.

If you’re not familiar with NYL, it is one of the latest in Liverpool’s dining experiences, just a few years old, and set in a beautiful century old city building. NYL is “Inspired by the melting pot of food & culture in New York, NYL brings the best aspects of New York’s unique vibrancy to the centre of Liverpool”. 

Just a little preview of the beautiful architecture! If restored aspects of history are your thing, NYL is the perfect location for you to visit. With super high ceilings and stained glass windows, NYL really is a treat for your eyes.

Now for the afternoon tea. We opted for just a brew with ours, but if you fancy a posh tipple, thats an option too. I’d highly recommend the tea though, it is loose leaf and DELICIOUS.

The food consisted of four open top sandwiches each, including egg & cress, cheese & onion, buffalo mozzarella & sun-dried tomato and another tasty option I don’t actually know what it was (but I ate it anyway because thats who I am as a person).

I have to say, the dessert selection was LARGE. That is by no means a complaint, every last morsel was absolutely amazing. Fresh and full of taste, you really couldn’t go wrong, aside from, for me, the chocolate hotdog – I don’t like brioche or dark chocolate.

Swish My Swag Liverpool NYL afternoon tea cheesecake

Honestly, the macarons and scones were out of this world amazing, I feel like I’m cheating on my nan when I say these are the BEST I’d ever had!

The afternoon tea was absolutely delicious, there is not one item on the menu I could fault. For me, I’d have preferred a more even selection of savouries and sweets, there were 6 desserts! A cookie, an apple donut, cheesecake, a macaron, a chocolate hotdog, and a MASSIVE scone with jam and cream. At £17.50 per person, this is the best afternoon tea service I’ve ever had in the city and for just how much you get, it is well worth the money, in fact, I’m taking my family in a few weeks!






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