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Primark Tan Review

Wearing fake tan is my favourite hobby! Since I starred blogging, finding different ones to try instead of relying on the ol’ favs’ has taken over, so goodbye money, hello dodgy tan…maybe?

My most read blog EVA was a review of a Primark beauty product (micellar water to be precise!). Soooo why not try the latest in Primarnis beauty offering, their false tan.

At £3 for 150ml, it’s not a bad buy, my usual fav St Moriz is the same price but you get 200ml. So for the cost of a Costa, you can get tanned for a whole month! Sounds hunnin to me.

Before: my chicken legs

it is so heckin awkward taking pics like these.

When I first pumped the product out to my mitt, I wasn’t expecting the colour that came out. I bought the medium/dark variation so I was anticipating the usual chocolate brown mousse, but it was quite peachy and skin like.

It applied quite sheer to my skin, but it smelt amazing (that will be the apricot oil) and wasn’t sticky. My only application complaint was that it took a while to dry, mousse usually dries quite quick, this stayed wet a little longer.

After: hot dog legs

I loved the yellow undertone to this mousse, it wasn’t orangey at all, I was able to wear it out without looking and smelling like a digestive. WINNING.

For me, it just didn’t develop dark enough, but(!) I loved the colour! It is probably the most natural shade of false tan I’ve ever used. Because of all the positives (especially the colour tone!) like the price and the smell, I’m more than happy to layer this tan up over a few days to get my preferred depth of colour. I will 100% repurchase it and would love it if I can get my mitts (hehe) on a dark/deep shade if they stock it.

G’wed Primark hun, love ya xoxo





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