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How to: Halloween Door Bow

I first saw decorative door bows on Instagram just last Christmas. It piqued my interest and I made my own Christmas door bow for the festive season! It wasn’t amazing but I’d figured out how to do it by myself and it ended up looking cute.

Being a Halloween lover & a new Pinner, I had a little look on Pinterest for some tutorials on a Halloween bow, but I didn’t really find what I was looking for. I decided, again to go it alone and just wing it. I documented the process not entirely sure if I was going to share it, again I didn’t do amazing but it was fun and looks ok, so here’s how I did it!

First of all you need supplies. The biggest item is a roll of fabric, it needs to be at least 2 door heights + 3 door widths in length. You can have it as narrow or wide as you like. I didn’t realise until I began doing the bow how translucent my fabric was, so be sure to pick wisely! I chose a 9 metre roll of organza from eBay #noregrets. Now pick out your decorations to snazz it up, I bought all of mine from Home Bargains (or Home & Bargain if you’re scouse). The sparkly skeletons are from bunting, and the metallic props are from hanging decorations. The BOO ghost is a foam cut out hanging on a ribbon, this will be our focal point. Also A STAPLER (your new best friend).

The hardest part is tie-ing the fabric around the door in a “present bow”. Basically you  wrap the fabric vertically around the door (between the hinges to make sure its central), try to keep the lengths even on both sides. The fabric should lay flat in a vertical line against the side of the door you want to decorate.

Tie it in a loop on the side you’re not going to be decorating. Pass one length over the top and one under the bottom to bring it back around to the front. At this point you want to tie a loop around the vertical fabric. Before you do the bow “ears” thread your hanging decoration (in my case the BOO ghost) onto either length of the fabric, then go ahead and finish your bow. It should look like this –

If you can’t work it out from my instructions, there is loads of videos on Youtube for how to tie a present bow.

The ears of the bow are sagging a little with the weight and position of the knot. I stapled the top of the ears up to help it hold its shape.

See! Much better.

This is the fun bit, now you want to start attaching your little decorations all over the fabric. I just cut the skulls off the bunting, and the holographic props from their plastic, then I just went and stapled them on! I stepped back a few times to make sure they weren’t too clustered or too far apart. Here is a few pictures from along the way!

Once you’re satisfied you have enough decorations on board, step back and admire your work! This is by no means amazing, but it is definitely a nice little addition to a Halloween Home.

I’d love to know what you think! Let me know your thoughts, and any tips or improvements you could suggest, I might do another before the season is out!





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