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Favourite Festive Scenes – TV & Film

We all know and love the classic Christmas films, from Home Alone to Love Actually, we’re spoilt for choice!


Instead of doing the usual “Favourite Films” list post, I want to share with you some of my favourite festive film and TV scenes from across the years. Some are funny, some a heart warming and some are just super duper FESTIVE. I’l try and include links so you can watch and enjoy along the way, maybe you’ll even see something you’ve never watched before. Enjoy!

Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special – “oh come on dickhead!”

The ultimate sing along scene! If you haven’t seen the whole show, WATCH IT, it’s on Netflix. You don’t even need to know the back story to enjoy the hilarity of this episode.

Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone – “Christmas at Hogwarts”

I love this scene so much! The elaborate decor is just so beautiful, I love the huge trees and the atmosphere projected is just stunning. One way ticket to Hogwarts please!

Elf – “the mall”

Elf is funny anyway right the way through, but the scene when Buddy visits the mall is the highlight! Absolutely adore the escalator scene!

Bridget Jones – “Bridget, meet Mark”

Arguably one of the most realistic Christmas party scenes ever – old people, tacky decor and buffet food gone bad. Never understood Bridgets disdain for Marks jumper though…

Home Alone – “White Christmas”

Cool as a cucumber Kevin is singing along to a Christmas classic, when he burns his face and screams the house down – with nobody home to help!

Jack Frost – “It’s time for me to go”

If you haven’t seen the film, don’t watch this scene – go watch the film now! Absolute tear jerker of an ending to a gorgeous film. If you’ve seen this film, watch and weep people.

Love Actually – “silent night”

This is my favourite romance scene in a movie – ever. So much is said when nothing is being spoken, it’s both beautiful and sad at the same time.

The Snowman – “Walking In The Air”

By far and away one of the most beautiful pieces of animation and music that has ever been made. This song and short film never fails to give me goosebumps and tears in my eyes.

The Grinch – “that’s it, I’m not going”

The Grinch is all of us at this time of year, bloated and can’t find anything that works for that event we just don’t want to go to, but have to!

The Muppets Christmas Carol – “It Feels Like Christmas”

The most underrated Christmas song of all time, I don’t know why it isn’t played on repeat with all the rest at this time of year to be honest!

What are your favourite scenes or shows?





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