Lush Spa Liverpool

On Monday 4th December, Lush opened their doors to welcome in a huge group of people to experience their spa services. Lucky for me, I was one of them!

The last place you’d expect a perfect relaxing spa to be, is set in the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre high street. But thats exactly where the Lush spa is, it’s like pure witchcraft and wizardry how it manages to be so tranquil and relaxing as soon as you enter the spa upstairs. The reception area of the spa is just adorable, proper vintage cottage vibes with all mixed but matching decor, glass jars on wooden cabinets, relaxing sage green decor and more!

Theres a fair few treatments to choose from at the spa, we were introduced to 4 different experiences that are featured in various treatments – just these little snippets had me so relaxed. I also had the chance to make my own bath bomb and honestly I think I’ve missed my calling in life.

My first experience was a palm reading. This is part of an 80 minute treatment that makes up a package called The Planets. This treatment is designed to relax you whilst helping you let go of the past, in order for you to leave ready to embrace the future. You’re welcome during the treatment to talk to your therapist about what you want to let go of and what you want to embrace, but you don’t have to if you’d prefer to just lie back and chill on the (heated!) bed!

If you really want to be pampered, you can be massaged by two therapists at once during the Karma treatment! I really loved the sound of this one, as it is a combination of physical treatments, meditation and harmonic music, including singing bowls. This treatment really appeals to me as it includes a coconut water head massage at the end. MAJOR ASMR vibes (in fact I was tingling and falling asleep all night on Monday!).

The Tales of Bath treatment really appealed to me (I mean who am I kidding they all did!). The treatment room for this is really large, welcoming and serene. If you were to have this treatment you’d have a seated massage, a soak in an enormous bath full of goodness, and then a body massage. I almost fell asleep watching the therapist perform the massage on someone, it was almost like a dance!

“Welcome to a world of pure imagination, full of candyfloss, bittersweet cacao kisses and dripping chocolate.” A sugar lovers dream come true – The Comforter is set in such a gorgeous room with lights sparkling over the ceiling. I experienced a mini hand and arm massage and really did feel “comforted”! The combination of lights, scents,sounds and music really did transport me somewhere nice, and I was only in the room 5 minutes. The candy floss mocktail was a delightful addition to the atmosphere!

The thoughtful team at Lush provided some really great food and drink for us too. We were spoilt with fresh fruit, popcorn, fruit infused water, AND THEN a massive selection of vegan pizzas courtesy of Santa Maluco. It was a really nice touch considering the majority of Lush products are vegan they wanted to cater to everyone!

I’m so grateful for all the staff involved in making the night so great (there were a lot of workers that night!) and for the lovely selection of products we were given at the end. I’m determined not to use the bath bar because it’s making my bedroom smell like the spa, and I’m not ready to part with that smell just yet!






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