Superdrug – Liverpool Shopping Park

I was full on tempted to do a click-bait title “BIGGEST SUPERDRUG EVER!?” because literally, in all my years of Superdrug shopping, I’ve never seen a store quite as big as the one on Liverpool Shopping Park.

Last week showcased their grand opening and big reveal! Of course, who could open a giant one stop health and beauty (basically) department store, without having some bloggers swing by? I popped in for a nosy and wow hun – shook.


Please, can you just take a moment to appreciate that these two pictures together make up (hehehe) one whole wall of makeup! FYI this isn’t the only place the makeup is displayed, Makeup Revolution have got their own special corner, and there are other brands scattered around the store too. CAN YOU IMAGINE JUST HOW MUCH MAKEUP IS IN THAT SHOP.

I’m so in love with the fact Superdrug have brought out their own makeup brushes! I don’t know how long they’ve been out, but look how gorgeous they are! They feel so soft too, I’m hoping to get some soon!

Their pretty handle and cute colourful packaging rivals the lovely limited edition Real Techniques Brush Crush collection, brush crush indeed – these are BEAUTIFUL.

You can shop the Zoella collection, the Gigi collab, buy some BLEACH London goodies, and MORE in this shop, the selection is ENDLESS.


When you’re all shopped out, theres a huge section of the store set aside for some pampering, You can get your lashes looking luscious, nails looking nasty and get your brows ON FLEEK (what does that mean!?). The number one top selling item Superdrug stores across Liverpool was eyebrow threading – in comparison to across the UK where the top product was the Collection Lasting Concealer. Just so you know, in the Liverpool top 10 sales, Cadburys Wispa ranked fifth – my huns know whats up.


You can visit the Beauty Bar from Monday 18th December. I’ll definitely be stopping back there soon, if you’re planning on going, I’d set aside a good few hours to shop – you’ll be spoilt for choice once you step inside!

Shop Superdrug Online (affiliate)







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