2017 – Blogging year in review

I started my blog about midway through 2016, so 2017 has been my first entire year as a blogger!

Gang – I’ve loved it! I was going to do all different titles including some negative sections. But when I thought about it, I could summarise the negativity in just a few words: I’ve often felt like my blog wasn’t reaching people, and growing a good following is HARD. That’s it, I can’t say anymore on the lows of blogging (how good is that!).

Top Post

I’m shocked at my top post, like well and truly shooketh. At just 196 words long, and ONE WHOLE IMAGE, it’s my review on the Primark Micellar Water. It always shows in my top post bar, and gets viewed several times week. It is one of my least favourite posts, and I’ve almost deleted it more than once because it is so brief and to me “boring”. I have tried to replicate similar review posts but non has compared to the success of that one.

Favourite Pictures.

For me, creating the images for a blog is my favourite task. It”s a chore, from the set up, to the editing it can take a while, but when an image “pops” all the hard work was worth it. Some images have been from events I’ve attended, and a couple are me taken by someone else, these are just some of the ones I love.

Overall highs

Starting my blog has given me the chance to do so many different things you just don’t get the chance to do as an ordinary hun! I’ve attended so many fabulous events this year, my absolute favourite was without a doubt the British Style Collective fashion event. In particular, their launch night, where I got to meet so many lovely people including the gorgeous Liz and Andrew Collinge. The 3 day festival was so amazing, as a child I grew up watching The Clothes Show, so being able to attend the way that I did just because of my hobby of blogging was a dream come true (the big show omg goosebumps). I attended the launch of Fenty Beauty too, for the first collection. It might not mean much to anyone else, but for me I felt like I was a part of something quite important. Rihannas beauty line was probably the most hotly anticipated launch of the year, so to say I was one of the first people to get some of those products was just brilliant. I was one of the first bloggers to experience and try the Next beauty range, it’s lovely, and I expect in 2018 it will be really popular. I’ve had the chance to attend events with some amazing brands including Very, Superdrug and Makeup Revolution, hopefully in 2018 I’ll have chance to work with them and other brands properly. I’ve met so many great people, and made some great friends, but the absolute highlight for me is just how much I have improved. In ways I’ve became much more confident, both in myself with meeting people and in my style of content and writing. For 2018, I hope I continue to grow as a person, but growing my blog following and working with brands would be nice too!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year x





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