The Best Concealer of 2018 – for sure!

If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you’ll have seen every woman and her dog go mad for this concealer!

It left Holly Boon shook, Imogen hyped to the highest huns and Josie Peaches was practically rendered speechless (nigh upon impossible usually!!).

Last year, the beauty community was up in arms about Tarte shape tape, for concealing those less than designer bags under everyones eyes. Sadly I never tried it, but word on the ‘tube and the ‘gram is that this is the PERFECT dupe.

At just £4, this Makeup Revolution concealer is more than worth a little try! The thick and creamy texture sits on the skin GORGEOUSLY (is that a word?!), it has got amazing coverage, and dries in a very flattering demi matte finish. It has buildable coverage which is great, because it’s so full on, I’d definitely recommend starting off with just a small amount first.

I’ve decided to super zoom you guys into just one eye bag, and share a high definition before & after shot of using this product. No filters at all, just a little brighten on both images because full disclosure, it’s Winter in the Uk and I haven’t got a studio for perfect lighting.

What do you think? I’m shocked at how well it has covered my dark spots/pigmentation. It doesn’t look heavy or dry which is never a good look under the eyes! So far, I am loving how it wears for me, and I’m excited to see how it performs with other products!

You can shop the collection of 18 shades here. This is an affiliate link, but all pictures, opinions and wrinkles are my own.





2 thoughts on “The Best Concealer of 2018 – for sure!”

  1. I’ve never heard of the concealer . Thanks for making me aware. I love being in the no of beauty products. I’m older, but just started recalling getting in to cosmetics more than ever. I loved reading your post. If you check out my blog, I love comments.


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