Benefit Goof Proof Brow Kit Review

Lord knows my brows need all the help they can get. I was a teenager in the early noughties and let me tell you, it seemed back then that less absolutely was more. Weekly tweezing and monthly waxing was my thing *shudder*.

Dear 16 year old self: your puppy fat will go, you wont ever be able to handle your drink and no your eyebrows wont grow back.

I love to try new brow products from pencils to pomades, I’ve had HD brows, brow powders, tints, dyes EVERYTHING. This was kind of an accidental purchase! I’d intended to buy the Benefit “precisely my brow” pencil, but in excitement grabbed this kit with the  Goof Proof pencil in instead.

I picked up this set for £31.50. All together if you bought these items separately (not including the stencils you can’t get them alone), the pencil, setting gel and highbrow cost £57(!). I definitely made a saving buying them in the set. I liked the addition of the stencil, with 4 options for different arches, varying between high and straight. It is really easy to use I think the intention is to just use it below the brow but I used it top and bottom.

Moment of silence for my natural brows please…..

The slim shape of the pencil tip makes drawing hair like lines quite easy, but the formula isn’t very soft. Which is good because you don’t get too much colour at once so it wont deplete too quick, but it’s hard to get a good colour payoff.

The left picture is the brow just filled with pencil, which I think looks really flat and a bit shit. The second picture is after using the brow setter gel and highbrow. I’m no makeup artist but I think these look pretty good. I think the shade is a bit gingery for me, it really isn’t very pigmented either. I absolutely love the gel, the formula comes out really quite wet so you have to be careful not to take too much, but it applies, dries and sets PERFECTLY. In my opinion I’ve had other pencils and pomades wear much nicer than this, it doesn’t look particularly fantastic and wore really poorly too. I’ll use it up, but wouldn’t repurchase the pencil. No matter what I’ll keep using the stencils as they’re a great shape guide, as for the highbrow I love it – it looks so pretty as a brow bone highlight and it wears well too.

Back to my holy grail £1 pencil (not even messing). What is your absolute go to eyebrow product?





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