January Sales Mini Haul

Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness really doesn’t know where to shop!

Lets face it, the beginning of January has got the majority of us feeling fat, shattered and a bit shitty. Soooo forget the gym, forget your savings forecast, forget your new minimalist lifestyle – SHOP. That’s what I did anyway, I picked up a few goodies I just HAD to have.

I could give up shopping, but I’m no quitter!

My two favourite online shops always come through for me with the sales, Boohoo & Nasty Gal are my go to. As if their sales aren’t perfect already, I managed to get free next day delivery on both packages. HUN REAL.

Life is so boring when you don’t have an online order to look forward to!

I’d have liked to have style these items up the way I would wear them, but sub zero temps and getting changed in the streets for urban chic shots, was not the order of the day for this blog.

I’d wear this berry mini dress (£6!) with leggings, trainers and a big jacket for a sporty laid back look, but it does look fab glammed up. The sexy red blouse (£5) spilts up the front, its wide sleeves and ruffles will look amazing with the tighest black pants and heels for a valentines look.

I love this dress (£7)  for a hippy kind of look, some ankle boots and messy hair would look so good with it! I just had to have this little black bag (£4), because of course I haven’t got enough bags ever.

This pretty little dress (£8) caught my eye because the unusual rust colour suits my skin tone (apparently!). I thought this would look amazing with some over the knee boots and a furry coat. I think my vintage berry coloured floppy hat would compliment this dress sooo well  – excited to style it.

I think this blouse (£10) was my favourite sales purchase.I absolutely love an ott top, the frills and lace ruffles are serving a look with this absolute babe. I’ve got visions for this little beauty!

Is a sales haul really a sales haul if you don’t buy one item you’ll probably never wear?  No it isn’t, these £4 lace knickers fell in my basket and as marmite as they are I LOVE EM. The satin pyjamas set (£6) are absolutely AMAZING quality, they feel and look soooo good on.

I’m not a shopaholic – I’m helping the economy!

Do you like anything I’ve bought?

All links are affiliate, but all images and impractical purchases are my own.





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