Unlock Liverpool

Whether you’re Scouse born and bred, an honorary Scouser or just passing through on your travels, one thing is for sure – you need to know the hottest goings on in the Best City In The North West ™️.

You could read all the dodgy reviews on Trip Advisor, or scroll through pages and pages of outdated Google garbage. Why would you do that, when you could visit Unlock Liverpool for the most comprehensive, fun and honest guide of the hottest haunts from cocktails to cakes to carnivals, all along the Mersey Shore.

 I’ve only been blogging for two years, and I am loving discovering the Liverpool bloggers scene. Word on the street, is outside of the big smoke, Liverpool has the best blogging community, and some of the best opportunities going for us influential peeps. From big brands, to local businesses, blogging is being embraced massively here right now, and Unlock Liverpool is at the hub of it all, getting FROW access to everything from the newest launches, to established events. Unlock has just expanded their team, and I am bloody buzzin’ to say little old me is part of the gang. The Unlock team is now a combination of bloggers, journalists and photographers, promoting the finest Liverpool businesses we believe in!

” After studying International Journalism and PR and over 5 years of experience in digital marketing, I decided to launch my own business to help provide Liverpool businesses and start-ups an opportunity to get in front of the eyes of a highly targeted audience. ” Hazel Miller, Unlock Liverpool Owner.

My first piece was a blog all about the upcoming Burn Your Ex event at Camp and Furnace  – “This anti valentines disco has been organised with the dejected, rejected, heartbroken, lonely and scorned in mind. If you’re looking for light relief from a past conquest, Camp and Furnace are inviting you to reject the regurgitated valentines tat, and set fire to ex flames. The furnace will be unromantically lit at 12am for attendees to take part in a mass cleanse of ghosts of heartbreaks past.” I’m hoping my writing is enjoyable for everyone to read, as I try to make it light hearted but full of all the relevant information without being boring.

You can check out Unlock here – be warned though, there’s a big foodie section, you’ll be starving after a minute!





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