Celebrity Makeup Masterclass

I love my city! Liverpool really does showcase some of the best events in some fantastic venues! St Georges Hall was recently host to another beauty event, featuring two top makeup artists and their stunning models in an all day masterclass, ran in association with Debenhams Beauty Club.

`The Celebrity Makeup Masterclass had a whole host of brands involved, with some showcasing their products on stands that we could shop from, some brands included Peggy Sage, Sample Beauty and Doll Beauty. The brands featured had also donated some items to the amazing goody bags that everyone was treated to!

The first look of the day was provided by makeup artist to the stars, Gary Cockerill. For this night time glam look, Gary chose some berry shades for his stunning model, combined with some shimmer on the eyes. A top tip I just had to note, was about choosing the right blending brush, Gary said pressing it on the back of your hand it should “break” the bristles  – if its tough to do this, it’s too hard to use for blending! A few more tips include priming the eyes and then popping foundation on top before the eyeshadow, and being sure to do the eyeshadow first to prevent fall out on your base. I was surprised to see that Gary used and recommended Makeup Revolution, L’oreal and Sleek – they’re all brands I do use, I just imagined someone with Garys clientele would use all high end products!

Next up we met the viral sensation Alexis Stone! If you’re not familiar with Alexis, he is a Manchester based drag artist, who can seemingly transform his face into any celebrity. His first look of the day was a drag look on a male model. The look was harsh and heavy, created with hot stage lights and a busy night in mind, drag makeup is all about longevity of wear, feminising and dramatising the face. Alexis touched on his love for Makeup Revolution, praising their quality, accessibility and shade range. A top tip Alexis shared was to use eyeshadow primer on your skin where you would normally get smile lines, as it is designed to prevent eyelid creases it can prevent these creases too.

After a gorgeous lunch, we were treated again to one more look from each makeup artist. Gary created an amazing, warm, bronzey, glowy look on another beautiful model, while Alexis transformed his face to reflect more feminine features to transform to a woman. It was so lovely to see both artists do their thing – I loved to see how Gary really enhanced his models existing lovely features, and to hear how he uses makeup to compliment rather than completely transform a look. Alexis of course, is the opposite sharing all the tricks of how to completely trick the eye using makeup, I adored his anecdotes of drag life, and how appreciative he is of just how many brands are being inclusive of minorities now. I’ll leave you with something that shocked me and will shock you too! There wasn’t a beauty blender in sight – both makeup artists used and praised the humble cosmetic wedge, so guess what I’ve been out and purchased!!

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