Is diet a dirty word?

I’ve briefly touched on this before, and after a diet overhaul, an awakening to food do’s and don’ts, combined with the sugar tax uproar I felt compelled to open up a discussion on why (or why not!) diet is a dirty word.

Bare with me, I’m about to quote myself (might even Harvard Ref it at the bottom). “The word diet brings up so many feelings in people, and it seems to come with negative connotations like deprivation, boring and weight loss. Lets start seeing it for what it really means, our eating habits. Not a programme to follow to reach a goal, its literally just what we habitually eat.”

It seems to me at the moment that diet issues such as the sugar tax, Jamie Oliver wanting to ban 2 for 1 pizzas (bog off Jay x) and Kimmy K promoting an appetite suppressant lollipop has got people up in arms.

Yes the sugar tax is inconvenient, but  I feel the arguments for it affecting people are missing the mark on why it shouldn’t be a thing. For me, the financial ramifications of the tax, is of far less importance than how the drinks brands intend to get away with paying the tax. By reducing the sugar amounts, brands will essentially be replacing the sugar with more artificial sugars. Different artificial sugars have been proven to cause a whole host of health issues such as diabetes and vertigo, so in reality brands are replacing one unhealthy product, with another unhealthy product, in order to avoid the extra taxes! It goes without saying, in more ways than one, the tax is stupid.

Now, the Kimmy K scandal! Posing seductively with a lollipop claiming to suppress appetites, the keyboard warriors and habitually offended came out in force “WHAT ABOUT ALL THE YOUNG GIRLS WHO’LL COPY AND THINK THIS IS OK?” To a degree, influencers and celebrities have a responsibility to their audience to provide easy to understand, safe to digest information, but sometimes they don’t. Girl still got bills to pay, so she’s accepting work. In my honest opinion, if young people think that a lollipop can help them lose weight, they’re either too young for the internet, or their parents need to better inform them on eating right, and spotting bullshit from a mile off. I’m sure KK didn’t need the moolar really, but she can’t be 100% responsible for every single persons interpretation of her advertisement, yes it’s a load of tosh, she knows it, you know it, some people don’t unfortunately.

While we’re here, if you’re going to get all uppity on fad diet trivia, ask Actimel why the second biggest ingredient in their “healthy” drinks is sugar, or ask Slimming World why they treat a perfectly healthy vegetable as something to be “synful” but still think it’s ok to eat an abundance of processed meats and drink fizzy drinks.

It’s all about information and education, so many people or organisations are responsible for that. Everyone has a part to play in the education about fad diets, diet, marketing ploys, what is bull shit and whats not. In short, do your research. Believe what you chose to believe, for me I’m a vegetarian now because I believe in the negative effects of a carnivores diet, I’ve reduced my sugar intake because I’ve read about the dangers of excess sugar, I avoid artificial sugars like the plague. And that works for me, do your research and see what works for you. Forget about weight and think about how you feel – listen to your body, from your skin to sluggish energy what you consume contributes to these feelings. Be as informed as you want to be (or not to be!), but most importantly enjoy your diet! Savour every mouthful of the good the bad and the god knows what even is this shit?






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