White Bar at The Radisson – Afternoon Tea

After a particular dodgy dalliance with the afternoon tea service at The Hilton, my friend thought for my birthday I might appreciate a better experience somewhere else.

She said the pressure was on to impress because I’m a blogger, and I’d be vocal in my opinion if I liked (or disliked! something. She certainly took a risk with this, as she picked a venue neither of us had visited before.

I went in to the city centre not knowing exactly where I was going or what for, so when we stopped outside what seemed like a brick building with weirdly small doors I thought she’d taken me to some sort of alternative therapy type place! As we rounded the corner, it opened up to be the Radisson Blu hotel.

To access the bar, you have to go via the main hotel entrance though the bar itself is almost an outdoor extension. I did read the information about the venue but of course I’ve forgotten exactly! The old bricks, small doors and high wooden beam ceilings hold some history, the venue many moons ago used to be an office of some sorts to do with coal distribution.

Being the lovely friend she is, my girl had called ahead to make sure she could swap the Prosecco included with the tea to a gin for me (prosecco = migraine), and to ensure all the sandwiches were veggie friendly. My tipple was gincredible to be quite honest, it was absolutely massive and full of fruit – look at the size of that glass.


The sandwiches and cakes most definitely did not disappoint either! With classic cucumber, salmon, cheese and egg sandwiches it was a lovely selection. They arrived chilled and very fresh, no curly edges or soggy bottoms here.

Although all the desserts were delicious (hello mini strawberry cheesecake), I think the scones really stole our heart, they stayed so warm and soft on the stand, whilst the huge serving of clotted cream stayed chilled to perfection.


If you’re looking for afternoon tea in the city, I’d definitely recommend here, the atmosphere and location is so chilled out and peaceful, while the food and service really is great. The staff were more than happy to help, they were very friendly and smartly dressed which is always nice to experience when you’re being waited on!





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