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Technic Strobe Kit vs Sleek Solstice

I love my Sleek Solstice palette, and I’m certain it’s a favourite among bloggers. The highlights are SoOoOoOo effing pigmented none of us can even, you know!?

It comes in rose gold packaging (ermergerd!), with four colours a mixture of baked, cream and powder highlights. Though Sleek is cruelty free, some of their products (including this one sadly!) are not vegan, as some of the products do contain beeswax. This palette usually sells for around £9.99, but is on sale for just £3 right now *signs the cross/counts blessings/sobs because it’s so beautiful.

When I first picked up the Technic Strobe Kit in Blush, I bought it because it looked like an affordable dupe for the Sleek Solstice palette. Until I got it home and realised, I don’t know my Sleek palette as well as I thought – it’s not *that* similar in the pan, but the swatches surprised me! Again, this palette is cruelty free but not vegan, but always is very affordable at around £4.

I’ve swatched them by pairing the colours with the one most similar in each pan:

with flash

As you can see, some of the colours are quite similar, particularly the first. The Sleek palette does have quite a vibrant lilac highlight in the palette, which the Technic palette lacks. Although not quite the dupe I was originally hoping for, the Technic palette is *really* quite nice! The highlighters aren’t too in your face, but they’re also not too subtle either, they sit well on the skin and as you can see sPaRkLe and glow really nicely! Out of the two palettes I much prefer the Technic “rose gold” type colour as it’s not too “metally”, but the Sleek palette will always be my bae for the yellow gold and lilac highlighters.

What are your favourite highlighters? Let me know, are they high street or high end?





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