May Favs

Sooooo it’s a bit late, but maybe not really because we’re only just into June so that’s ok. I love a favs post and I really should do them more often! I’ve said that before and still don’t stick to it once a month. LOL I’m a joke.

Avon Tahitian Holiday Body Spray

This stuff smells amazing! It’s literally like a holiday in a bottle, it isn’t overpowering or too over the top, it’s a strong but subtle tropical scent. Only thing is its quite oily for what it is so best to be careful when spraying around fabrics.

Makeup Revolution Peel Off Brow Tint*

I love anything that will make my brows look anything like their natural form! Ive been using this brow tint so much, it’s super easy to use and leaves a great colour behind. I would like the colour to last longer but wouldn’t mind continuing how I have been with this using it twice a week. I don’t need anything else on my brows after using it!

Red Fringe Earrings*

I’m only just jumping on the tassel fringe earring trend (v. late to the party I know!). These gorgeous things only cost me £2 and I’ve worn them loads to take all sorts of outfits from drab to fab, they make me feel very fashHUNable.

Epsom Salts

I love these salts for three reasons – very instagrammable reusable copper storage tin, very affordable, and great to soak in the bath with when you’re trying to remove false tan. If you sit in the bath with these added to the water then scrub your skin, it really helps remove the shabby snaky layer of fading tan!

Vitamin E Hydrating Mask

I’ve had really dry skin lately, and this little gem has helped bring it back to life. It doesn’t smell much at all so it’s really pleasant to have on your face. You just massage it in, sit for   15 minutes, then wipe away the excess with a cotton pad – soft skin in an instant(ish).

Tropical Popsicle

Britain has been hot hot HOT just recently (no complaints). I’ve been enjoying these absolute delicious bargain popsicles from Aldi, they tase like coconutty and fruity, a lot like a pina colada minus the rum and cream – I want to wizz some into a slush and drink them with some vodka.

Links with a * are affiliate. I tried to include links to all the items but couldn’t find them sorry!





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