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Essence Mascara – First Impressions Review

I love makeup, but I especially love budget makeup! I recently visited Wilko to pick up and try the Essence Make Me Brow brow gel. I heard it has little fibres similar to a much more expensive brand. Sadly I’ve been to 3 Wilkos and yet to find it, but I did spot a mascara I had to try.

The #lashesoftheday mascara promises perfectly curled lashes and super volume. “Have a #fabulash day with the Essence #Lashes Of The Day Super Volume Mascara. The brush evenly applies mascara to each and every lash for the perfect curl.” At just £2.50 I couldn’t resist to buy and try.

Included in this post is close up shots of the mascara, please excuse the whybrows, just decided mid makeup I had to photograph my lashes.

So first impressions, love the packaging and super millennial name and use of #. There was no unpleasant smell when I opened the tube unlike some mascaras, I did think the wand looked a bit basic and a bit soggy it didn’t excite me to try!

When I applied the mascara I was shocked but happy with the consistency of it. It wasn’t as wet or gloopy as it looked at all, if anything it was the perfect consistency. The wand separated my lashes nicely and it applied evenly too. I prefer a different shaped wand for my eye shape so I messed up a bit getting the mascara on my skin.

I wish my pictures did this mascara justice!

Length 8/10

Curl 9/10

Volume 8/10

Hold 9/10

Crumbs on my cheek at the end of the day 0/10 didn’t even happen

I love a mascara that doesn’t slide all over your face at the slightest hint of moisture, and one that doesn’t crumble like a dodgy biscuit so top marks #lotd for no slide or crumbs. It was easy to remove with my fave cleanser too – I can’t bare having to pull and drag at my skin to remove makeup so this made me happy too. If all these things matter to you, I definitely recommend buying it!





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