The Body Shop – Haul

I know, I haven’t posted in an age. In an attempt to be completely transparent, honest and candid, I’m pooped, and just cant be arsed to graft. I’m not plain old lazy (no hate if you are), my health isn’t 100% on form so there’s that. With regards to my over sharing intro, I just had to explain myself, as this blog post is likely to be more image than text heavy because I just can’t find words.

I might struggle to make sense of anything but you better believe I can still SHOP. On one of my first shopping expeditions in a hot minute, one of the very first shops I went to was The Body Shop, so here’s what I picked up.

This range smells amazing! I was looking for something to give myself that deep clean feeling, and this scalp exfoliator certainly did that!

This little brush is soooo soft, it was an impulse purchase, not something I needed but I’m glad it slipped and fell in to my basket.

I never loved or even liked toner at all until I started using this one, every one I’d ever tried left me so dry, this one is gentle and smells amazing not like some alcohol astringents.

Another must have and regular purchase for me from The Body Shop. This cleansing balms melts your make up off in such a dreamy way, its so soft and buttery but not greasy.

If there was a support group for brow product addicts, I’d be first in line. I haven’t ever used this but of course can’t WAIT to.

Another brow product? Guilty as charged. Another new to me product I wanted to try. I will 100% repurchase this it holds my brows in place brilliantly. My only complaint is the wand is a bit large for just brow use but I imagine as a mascara this would be great.

I am obsessed with all the Drops & Oils ranges at The Body Shop, I’d never used these products before but found them on offer when I was looking for my favourite Oils of Life range. I love the tackiness of the serum, it makes a great base for make up.





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