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International Women’s Day 2020 – taking back my power

Hi hellooooo. Did you miss me? I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever (think it’s only been a month). I’ve been feeling a little bit not bothered about blogging, feeling a little like I had nothing of value to say. Until this week! International Women’s Day has given me the motivation I needed to “take back my power” I just need to you know, Rosy Riveter strong arm THE SHIT out of life! Here’s how you can too!


Yesterday, I attended Womanifest, a female empowerment event in celebration of International Women’s Day. I met some lovely business ladies, and listened to some of the most amazing talks that just made me go *fuck this shit, I’m getting me sparkle back STAT*. Sometimes, it just takes one or two people to say their favourite phrases and quotes, or tell their very own *dragged myself out the gutter and look at me now*, or THEY TOLD ME I COULDN’T SO I DID kind of stories for you to go, you know what life? HIT ME AGAIN WATCH WHAT HAPPENS. Scouse style that is, as in go on I’ll kick your head in too if you try me.

That’s kind of how I felt yesterday, and then I realised, if anyone’s keeping me down and needs a crack to get out my face, it’s me. There is not one person in my life who doesn’t whole heartedly think that I deserve anything less than the absolute world. I know I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by the most amazing family and friends who think I am capable of taking down any wall or problem that crosses my path, that I can do or have whatever I want, they think I am the fiercest bitch going (except when it comes to balance or anything physical really 🤪😂). So, why don’t I have the same faith in myself as everybody else? I think I know why, it’s all the years of set backs and stuff not working out, that I tend to zone in on when I am taking a risk, but yesterday during a talk, I realised, the idea that I have for something I want to do now, gives me a fire in my belly that I’ve never really had before. An unshakable confidence that things WILL work out, because there is no other way it will go, of that I am certain. The AMAZING Marie Hall (more info below), said a great analogy about our faith in reaching our goal. If you were driving from Liverpool to London, would you not leave the house if you didn’t know the whole route all the way start to finish? Of course you wouldn’t, you’d just take the first steps and follow the roads that lead you, and the maps that guide you, knowing no matter what you’ll get their eventually. HIT ME IN THE FEELS (the penny drop feels, like winning £3.62 in the 2p machine at the arcade kind of penny drop!).

Womanifest and a few other things have given me a lot to think about this week. Another thing that happened was I watched a YouTube video – I know, nothing out the ordinary. It was this video by American influencer Raw Beauty Kristi, she does tonnes of makeup videos, full of real life chit chat and stories. The video she made about how she taught herself to not give a shit about her appearance, shook me hard. I chose to watch Kristis video, just because she uploaded and I watch all her videos. I didn’t think anything of the title or what the video was about, I mean I wasn’t looking for tips, I assumed I had quite a idgaf attitude to my looks myself. Boy, was I so, so wrong. It made me cry a little for myself when I realised just how much the way I feel about how I look, has held me back from doing many things, or how in day to day life I hide myself or have little quirks to cover up myself. I mean I was a bit high so extra emo, but I swore to myself NO MORE. If I could recommend anyone do one thing to help them learn to accept themselves, it’s watch this video.

So, I am DONE. Done not accepting my appearance, done with letting anyone get in my way, and that includes me. It was about this time of year last year I had my first life changing epiphany, here’s to Alchemy By Amy UK 2.0

Marie Hall runs Empowerment House, a business all about giving women their power, it’s all about women supporting women. Ladies Life Lounge are the women behind Womanifest, LLL are another networking company all about empowering women. What’s great about this all is that, at Womanifest several businesses what people would say have a “conflict of interest”, came together to support each other without a hint of “you’re my competition”.

That’s just what we need, right?

Amy x





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