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Girl, Wash Your Face – Book Review

Are you, like me, just waiting for the penny to drop about the magic formula we need to just FINALLY, get sh*t done? Yeh, you are thats why you want to buy this book! Let me break down and review for you Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

alchemy by amy uk Girl, Wash Your Face - Book Review girl talk motivation inspiring women inspired inspiration book blog girl power


Rachel Hollis runs the lifestyle website, and also has a very successful  media business. Until I stumbled upon this book on Amazon, I had never head of Rachel before. This book aims to get you to “stop believing the lies about who you are, so you can become who you were meant to be”. There are 20 lies in there that hold us back, in so many ways and even that “we’ve told ourselves them so often, we don’t even hear them anymore.” I was shocked to find, I tell myself so many regularly! And it’s true, they’re just a part of me now ingrained in the same kind of way that being a good person is, it doesn’t require a second thought. I have been doing a lot of searching recently for how to basically be a bad ass bitch, I want to feel proud of myself, I want to be successful, get noticed and have a thriving little business. Sometimes though, I just lose my sparkle, my zest, my get up and give a f*ck, so I turn to self help books,

The Review 

So, I can count on one hand (two fingers to be precise), the things I dislike about this book – those things probably say an awful lot more about me than Rachel or her book. So, I’ll have to bore you with a bit of back story about me for each thing I dislike.

 I have a confession to make, I think I am an atheist. I believe in “something”, but probably more spiritually than religiously, I do not believe in a God who is the mighty ruler, and that what happens in your life is a decision made by Him. If that was the case, the world wouldn’t be fucked because nobody wants that do they? Does God? Any how, lots of references to Christianity and Gods will in this book, it makes me visibly cringe because the whole premise of God gives me the whirlies. Sorry! I don’t judge anyone for their beliefs, if it makes you feel better then read the bible, pray, accept your life is being overseen by a higher power – I just want everybody to feel safe, happy and loved and if this is what does it for you then smashing!

The second thing, I actually feel like a bit of a twat for even admitting that it bothers me! Rachel goes in to detail about how, during prolonged a prolonged period of stress, she developed Bells Palsy. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s a temporary (sometimes permanent), paralysis of some of the facial muscles, it can give the face a look similar to that of a stroke. The reason her story bothered me, is because I have a permanent facial palsy due to a tumour that lives inside my inner ear, which I thought I was now totally cool with, it is what it is, fuck you I’m fabulous no matter how I look. That was up until Rachel referred to herself, at the time of having Bells Palsy, as “disfigured”. I didn’t think of her version of herself, as being a reflection of *solely* her opinion of herself, but rather her opinion of *everyone* (including me), who has this unfortunate affliction. Daft really, but sad nonetheless that it ignited in me that, oh my god I’m disfigured is it really that grotesque? I needed to take a moment to remember, her opinion of herself is non of my business, nor should it shape my opinion of myself, and does it *really* matter what a stranger in a book says? As the saying goes, what other people think of you is non of your business (and what they think of themselves with a similar affliction, is fuck all to do with you too!).

Ok, so criticism out the way, let’s get to the rest of the review. Basically, this book is*THE SHIT*, and I suggest you buy it. I am tempted to see if it is on audible, so I can regularly sit and listen to it with a gin. You’d catch me, laughing and joking and answering back to the book. No, I’m not having some problems, the book is written in a way that is like your girl friend, you know the resident “cool mum” sort, who’s honesty and sass gets them in trouble a bit too often, it’s like her talking to you. Full of anecdotes of “listen, I’ve been there, done that, fucked it, got the t-shirt, repeat, repeat again, repeat again but SMASHED IT and got the whole damn outfit, now I’m going to tell you how you can too”. The whole book, the content and the style is super relatable, and just feels like being out for coffee or wine with your best friends who you’ve gone to for some advice, because they’ve just been through it all and came out the other side glowing. The kind of friend who just, no matter what happens between you both, wants nothing but the best for you and wants to encourage you to do everything in your power to get it, but isn’t afraid to say to you “hun, you’re the problem”. Ok, so maybe not “you’re the problem”, but what you’ve been taught and how you’ve learned to live your life, how you’ve came to feel about yourself, your wishes, your dreams etc, it’s all in your power (mostly!), so you need to change your mindset from this ? to this ! and, I’ve done that before so I’ll help you do it now too.

That’s the best way I can summarise the vibe of this book, it’s a feel good, read again and again, motivational type of book, that makes you think, fuck this shit I’M DOING (whatever it is here you want to do).

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