Surprisingly clean Products from High-Street Beauty Brands (L’Oréal, Revlon, NYX & MORE!)

Since going “clean”, I’ve been increasingly frustrated with how difficult it is to shop for makeup without visiting huge over priced department stores, or taking a chance on a product I’ve never tried in person just because I can buy it online. My idea was, to consult the app Think Dirty (I’ll include a link below to more info about Think Dirty), I searched for loads of high street brands, and these 7 brands all had something for sale that ranked 3 or below on the app. Lets see some surprisingly clean products from brands such as L’Oréal, Revlon, NYX & MORE!

*post contains some affiliate links*

This means I gain a commission from your purchase if you shop via my link – this DOES NOT affect the price you pay.

Also, there isn’t any pictures here as I don’t yet own any of these products…YET!


studio secrets lipstick

studio secrets magic smooth souffle foundation

true match minerals powder blush


super lustrous lipstick

colorstay 005 clear base coat (nail polish)

custom eyes sweet innocence eye shadow palette

quick dry base coat clear (nail polish)


mineral infused face primer

all over colour stick

H.D powder in sheer


mineral power finishing veil loose powder

baby skin pore erasing primer

dream smooth whipped mousse foundation

instant age rewind primer clear


delice de poudre bronzing powder




wonder pencil lip pencil “deep”

Hope this post helps you ion your clean beauty journey, let me know if you already have any of these or if you’ve tried – which do you recommend?

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Amy x





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