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AD – Soil Organics, Organic Essential Oils Review

I LOVE Lavender, I've never really ventured in to essential oils though for health and wellness. Mostly, I have used lavender scents for relaxation, the odd bit of tea tree on spots but not much else. Until I started to explore the other health benefits of using high quality pure essential oils. I jumped at… Continue reading AD – Soil Organics, Organic Essential Oils Review

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A Week of Vegan/Alkaline Breakfast Recipes

Is breakfast your favourite meal of the day? I cant decide if it is or isn't for me, all I know, is I am a hungry girl, I want to eat all day, every day, try and stop me! Especially since going plant based, I just go through food like the Cookie Monster goes through cookies. Can you tell I haven't even had breakfast yet? I might make one of these today, this is my favourite week of vegan and alkaline breakfasts.

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Girl, Wash Your Face – Book Review

Are you, like me, just waiting for the penny to drop about the magic formula we need to just FINALLY, get sh*t done? Yeh, you are thats why you want to buy this book! Let me break down and review for you Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. Introduction Rachel Hollis runs the lifestyle… Continue reading Girl, Wash Your Face – Book Review

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Use up over-ripe fruit and veg – zero waste hair and skin care

Soooo, you're bored of using up over ripe bananas in a banana loaf, yep? Sick of throwing away another half avocado? I GOT YOU here's how to use up over-ripe fruit and veg - make some zero waste hair and skin care. These treatments will be 100% natural and free from any toxic chemicals or… Continue reading Use up over-ripe fruit and veg – zero waste hair and skin care

alchemy by amy uk Two Life Changing Tips for Getting Stuff DONE (being productive & not feeling guilty about it!).empowered women empowering life tips life hacks productivity stop procrastinating schedule agenda better day task management happy women supportive women business network

Two Life Changing Tips for Getting Stuff DONE (being productive & not feeling guilty about it!).

This year, I learned two tips that, no lie(!) - life changing. These two techniques will help you feel more productive (you will be!), they'll make you actually WANT to do the shit you just *need* to do, and you won't feel guilty about it either! 

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How to have the BEST day at home during quarantine/self isolation/lockdown

How are you coping with the chaos? I won't lie, the last few days have been ROUGH. I've seen some absolutely terrible treatment of the chronically ill or those with existing conditions, it made me worry! However, as always I am doing my best to focus on the good, my have gots, not my have nots. Here are some more tips for having the BEST day at home during quarantine/self isolation/lockdown.

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Keeping Occupied, sane and Healthy During the Coronavirus Lockdown (Mental and Physical Health)

Hi, how are ya? Just your friendly neighbourhood scouse pal here to share what I'm doing to stop myself spending the day eating every last toilet roll I've panic bought (87 to be precise) during lockdown because of THE MEGA FLU (covid -19 (why 19 it started in 2020 didn't it?)). This is coming from someone who really struggles to stay inside, or be alone - I go really down and become a bit of a twat. There's no affiliate links or sales here at all, just a good old bit of advice. So, keep occupied, sane and healthy during the crisis.

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International Women’s Day 2020 – taking back my power

International Women's Day has given me the motivation I needed to "take back my power" I just need to you know, Rosy Riveter strong arm THE SHIT out of life! Here's how you can too!

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Womanifest – Empowerment and Lifestyle Show *giveaway*

In a round about way, it is kind of an eye roller right? You log in to Facebook and see someone who is an absolute TOAD share this when you know full well, she is not empowering ANYBODY. Womanifest is an empowerment and lifestyle show, that was held in Manchester in March 2020 by Ladies Life Lounge - I hope they do another one.

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What’s Next For Me In 2020

I enjoy reading peoples posts about their intentions for the year ahead, or goals and milestones reached the year before, yet I sit down to write mine and I feel like *hair flips* soooo busy and important EVERYBODY LOVES ME. Be sure to tell me in the comments what you'd like for 2020. I couldn't… Continue reading What’s Next For Me In 2020