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Why Alchemy By Amy?

I have blogged for 2 years as Swish My Swag, I covered all kinds of content, never really discovering my "niche" (hate that word!). I think now, I may have found it though, by accident I guess. Because I wanted a part of my life that was just about Amy as a person. not the… Continue reading Why Alchemy By Amy?


Primark Micellar Water Review

So this is a mad one, a £2 cleansing water from Primark? Not gonna lie, I didn't have high hopes for this, it's a huge 430ml bottle, the same size in another leading high street brand would set you back three times the price. So whats the skinny? The labelling on the bottle doesn't make… Continue reading Primark Micellar Water Review


Beauty Blender & B. Latex Free Sponge – Review/Comparison.

Sooo I am a bargain bunny, but a few weeks back I ventured into the big ole land of "high end" makeup. I had a sponge I loved anyway, the B. Latex free sponge (vegan & cruelty free) from Superdrug. I treated myself to the original Beauty Blender and compared them side by side.